ACLU Warns Illegals of Racial Discrimination

It gives us no pleasure to say that the American Civil Liberties Union, founded in 1920 by the likes of Helen Keller, Arthur Garfield, and Crystal Eastman, has fallen prey to radical left-wing ideologies.

Once a guardian of civil rights and the dignity of all Americans, the ACLU has become a politically partisan hit squad that uses its glowing reputation to attack Americans based on race and ethnicity.

In recent years, the ACLU has turned its legalistic guns on Asian and White Americans.

As recently as November 2018, the ACLU made efforts to interfere with a lawsuit against Harvard for enrollment discrimination against whites and Asians.

The group claims that if Asians are allowed to succeed in the United States, it would benefit white people. There was no explanation of why it would be bad to benefit white people.

Apparently, we are just expected to accept the good of whites as an unmitigated evil.

Let this serve as the background for their current efforts to hinder Florida’s ability to control the flow of illegal immigrants into the state.

The ACLU has fired up a campaign to demonize Floridians as racists owing to bills SB 168 and HB 527.

These bills are aimed at sanctuary cities in Florida, which allow illegal immigrates to enter and live in amnesty to the detriment of the legitimate residents.

The laws counteract sanctuary cities by giving local authorities more power to enforce existing federal anti-illegal immigration laws.

In response to these proposed laws, the ACLU has launched a massive campaign, declaring Florida a racist stronghold where immigrants are likely to face violence and discrimination.

A recent tweet from the ACLU read;

BREAKING: We and partners have issued a travel advisory urging immigrants and people of color to use extreme caution when traveling in Florida. The state is on the verge of passing a draconian anti-immigrant bill which will endanger our communities.”

The ACLU issued an official “travel alert” declaring Florida a high-risk zone for illegal immigrants.

In a news release, the group said, “The alert comes amid these bills’ steady progress in the Florida State legislature and cautions both Florida travelers and residents, especially black, brown, and Latina communities, of the increased likelihood of racial profiling, unjust detention, and possible deportation if these anti-immigrant bills pass.”

Local newspapers reinforce the ACLU’s unsubstantiated claims that controlling the flow of illegal immigrants equates to bigotry on the personal level.

On the 9th of April, the Miami New Times uncritically wrote, “[…] for many of those visitors, the trip could be a dangerous one.

On Monday, the American Civil Liberties Union, along with other civil rights and immigrants’ rights groups, cautioned immigrants and people of color about traveling to Florida.

The travel advisory comes in response to two “anti-sanctuary” bills (SB 168 and HB 527) currently moving through the state Legislature that would require local governments to enforce federal immigration law.”

According to the Miami Times, apparently, the word of the ACLU is as good as gold.

What does not follow is because a law is passed, the residents of an entire state suddenly become dangerously racist.

According to the alert, “If Florida State Bill 168 and House Bill 527 pass, it would undermine local governments’ ability to protect the civil rights of their residents by forcing local officials to cooperate with ICE.

It would also put immigrants at risk of violence, potentially forcing victims and witnesses to stay silent for fear of deportation.”

The alert instructs illegal immigrants to:

  • Memorize the phone number for a licensed immigration attorney
  • Discuss a plan with loved ones regarding care/custody of children, pets, property, belongings
  • Text UNIDOS to 313131 to stay connected (Standard rates apply)
  • Call the Immigrant Hotline at 1-888-600-5762 to learn about your constitutional rights
  • Research detailed information about how to engage with law enforcement from the ACLU

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