Attorney General Barr Falls Way Short Of Democratic Expectations

It seems that because Attorney General Barr is not giving the Democrats, the answers they want some went so far as to consider him a Trump sympathizer and Trump puppet.

AG Barr was called to The Hill to testify and answer questions that would help the Democratic party to finally gain some evidence leading to a possible impeachment of President Trump but were shocked and grossly disappointed at AG Barr’s choice of words and testimony.

Attorney General William Barr came as a breath of fresh air and new salvation for the Democratic party.

AG Barr reviewed the Mueller report in-depth and stated in these hearings that he found nothing connecting Trump, his family, or White House officials to any Russian collusion or obstruction of justice.

Former FBI Director James Comey

Fired and disgraced former FBI Director Comey keeps showing up and putting in his two cents worth on critical issues of interest such as Barr’s testimony this week.

Barr stated that spying on private citizens in the United States is not legal.

However, Comey had a different take on Barr’s statements. Comey is claiming ignorance, as usual, saying, “I do not know what the Justice Department leader is talking about as spying and surveillance are not the same things.”

Comey went on to say, “The current Attorney General went too far.”

Is There a Difference Between Surveillance and Spying?

The investigative committee members were relentless on questioning Barr. However, AG Barr stood his ground stating that spying did occur and that President Trump has been correct all along.

Comey noted that the FBI and Department of Justice conduct court-ordered electronic surveillance all the time for similar situations. Comey apparently could not wrap his head around the fact that spying and surveillance are the same things.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense only need look in several dictionaries and find that the definition of spying means to collect data and information about something or someone and to strictly observe that person.

AG Barr called this “spying,” Comey called this “surveillance.”

Barr testified that it was his job as Attorney General to determine whether there was any misconduct performed by the intelligence officials during the Russian investigation.

The Democrats were widely astonished and disappointed in Barr’s testimony. I believe this to be because AG Barr did not tell them what they wanted to hear.

President Trump reiterated Barr’s statement and repeated his suspicions over two years ago that spying was indeed occurring at his Trump Towers.

Presidential Donald Trump is a Crazy Man!

During the 2016 presidential campaign, many scoffed at the idea that Trump even suggested spying was taking place in Trump Towers. President Trump was right two years ago, and he is right today.

The difference is, now there is concrete proof of his original suspicions. Those who know AG Barr knows his integrity runs deep causing some Left officials to speak up and say that the AG is not trying to fuel any conspiracy theories or is he leaning towards supporting the conservative party.

AG Barr’s stated question remains;

“Was the spying justified. I need to be sure that there was no unauthorized surveillance.” President Trump agreed with all that AG Barr testified and added that, “This was indeed illegal spying.” 

AG Barr has yet to prove this statement.

The Right Calls for More Committee Investigations 

House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes, California (R) notified Barr of several referrals related to criminal violations as follows.

  • Illegally obtained FISA warrants.
  • Unverified anti-Trump dossier
  • Lying by top Obama officials.
  • Obstruction of justice by top Obama officials.
  • The leaking of videos by FBI officials.
  • The FBI spying on a presidential candidate.
  • Leaking of illegal notes by Comey to the press.

AG Barr stated that he is reviewing the conduct of the FBI’s original Russian probe.

He will also investigate the Mueller probe and how this probe originated, as Barr believes that spying did occur on the Trump campaign back in 2016. Barr told officials that spying on a presidential candidate is indeed a critical and significant deal.

Barr went on to say that he believed that there was an immense failure of upper echelon officials that could, filter to the top, meaning President Obama and could border on treason.
Attorney General Barr stated,

“I have to make sure that government officials do not abuse their power and find out if government abuse of power took place during and after the 2016 presidential run.”

A Personal Point of View

Many Trump supporters ask Trump haters why they hate this president so much the answers are usually the same.

“I don’t know why all I know is that I just do not like the man.” 

Like President Trump or not, he is our President, has done nothing wrong, and is fulfilling campaign promises, unlike any other past President.

Listening carefully for the last three years before and after Trump’s inauguration I see he is always right no matter how crazy some of his statements seem.

He is not perfect but, I see he has wisdom and is still on target. He deserves all the respect earned as our 45th President of the United States.

What President in history has worked so hard and forfeited his salary for the good of America?” 

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