The President’s Amazing Plans for NASA Revealed

Every President seems to have a fascination with space exploration. President Trump is no exception.

He has made it clear that he has every intention on focusing on what is above the earth and out in space.

He has recently acting in favor of certain policies and declarations aimed at helping NASA with its space endeavors.

The Moon is Within Grasp Again.

It has been alluded to that the President is planning on seeing mankind return to the moon and beyond. The track record of our President has been favorable toward the space program.

  • He has signed the White House Space Policy Directive that allows for a U.S. program partnered with the private sector to see mankind return to the moon. The vision also extends to the Mars planet. It will use the resources of the government, NASA, international partners and friends from the private sector.
  • President Trump also saw to it in early 2017 to reinstate the National Space Council. Buzz Aldrin was present and in support of the decision. This active body has not been around since 1993. The Vice President heads the council and has already expressed its goal to put people on Mars.
  • The President has a long-standing interest with the space program. It was during his inauguration speech that he praised and supported Elon Musk and his drive to develop new technology for getting to space.
  • He has worked hard to see that the NASA Transition Authorization Act becomes a reality. Once Congress had it all ironed out, he signed the bill which gave $19.6 billion a year to NASA. With the purpose of putting a man on Mars by the year 2033.
  • Trump has nominated Rep. Jim Bridenstine to head the NASA program. His goal is to see that NASA and its commercial partners work together for the common goal. He also would like to see that the United States no longer needs to depend on the Russian launch system to get into space. Development of the new Space Launch System is currently being developed and improved.
  • President Trump has also made it a point to individual congratulate those that have excelled in the space program. In 2017 he called up the International Space Station and congratulated Peggy Whitson for being the longest standing person to remain in space from the United States.
  • The President and his administration are seeking to change the way the International Space Station and the United States cooperates. By the year 2024, the White House is seeking to end financial support of the station. The goal is to see the station turned over to the private sector for operation and funding.
  • The President seems to have the goal of furthering and developing technology that would be beneficial in space. Trump has in many ways has worked hard to revitalize the creativity of Americans. Many things that the President has done has been geared to partnering with the people.
  • Under Trump, NASA has sought to turn over its research and development section to the private sector. This further shows a move by the President to put space travel into the hands of the American people. NASA continues to the driving force behind all projects. But its mission is to be the force that forges ahead to develop new technology and plan future missions into space.

Space definitely has an attraction to all people no matter what their political ideology is like. Just the thought of being the first to put a person on Mars, or develop interstellar space vehicles, or being the next nation to put a person on the moon since 1973 just makes people excited.

The President of the United States is making space exploration and travel an exciting adventure.

By privatizing much of the industry the American people and businesses will benefit the most from the effort to return space.

More jobs will be created to meet an increasing demand for labor, cash flow will certainly increase which in turn helps the overall market, and there will be people that will criticize everything all along the way.

It would be beneficial if everyone, including the criticizers, would support the President and his goals for the space program.

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