Bernie Sanders Is 100% Hypocrite

It’s still only 2019, and there’s a lot of time for things to change, but recent polls suggest that Bernie Sanders is the front-runner for the Democratic presidential bid.

That’s pretty big since he’s one of the most radical candidates to ever have more than a fool’s shot at the office.

It’s hard to say which Democrat is currently the scariest, but there’s no doubt that Bernie is a contender for that title too.

What’s possibly most frightening about him is how rabidly his supporters stand behind him, even when he exposes his incredible hypocrisy. We’re going to prove right here and now that he is a hypocrite.

When you read this, remember that his supporters cheer for him when he says and does these things.


According to mainstream media, Bernie made a fool of Fox News at the recent town hall they hosted. The truth is quite the opposite.

One of the biggest moments of the night came when the hosts asked him about taxes. He has recently revealed his tax data, and it showed that he has been a millionaire for quite some time.

As a millionaire, he paid an effective tax rate of 26 percent for the past two years.

Now, as far as we know, he achieved this tax rate through perfectly legal means. He took above-board deductions, and that’s how he beat the standard tax rate for his bracket, 37 percent.

The hypocrisy comes from his refusal to lead by example. He constantly campaigns on the idea that the rich need to pay more in taxes.

One of his most recent proposals is that the highest tax rate should be above 50 percent.

The hosts pointed out that he could already elect to pay such a tax rate — seeing as how he’s well within the top one percent.

When they asked why he doesn’t do this, his only response was, “Why don’t you give?”

This was possibly the most hypocritical moment Bernie has displayed on camera.

He could lead by example right now and pay the tax rate he thinks is fair. Instead, he pays as little tax as he can.

That’s perfectly reasonable for someone who isn’t trying to raise taxes across the board. From Bernie, it’s hard proof that his real agenda is increased government control.

Fairness has never been on his mind.


In the same town hall, Bernie had to defend his accrued wealth. Since he’s made a political career by attacking the morality of wealth, it seems he’s a bad guy by his own standards.

Rather than own up to any of it, he claimed that his wealth is just and acceptable because he earned it by writing a best-selling book. This is actually correct.

When backed into a corner, Bernie admitted that capitalism is a good thing.

Then again, the Fox News hosts pointed this out to America’s leading socialist.

When faced with the prospect of praising capitalism for his opportunity to gain wealth, he could only respond with a single word, “no.”

Even while being proud of his success, he has to condemn the system that made it possible.

He still contends that the rich rig the system, but we’re somehow supposed to believe that he’s the benevolent exception to the rule.

You can’t have it both ways, Bernie. Either wealth makes you a bad guy or it doesn’t.

The Environment

This issue didn’t come up in full view during the town hall, but it’s such an egregious problem of Bernie’s that it’s worth mentioning now.

He has frequently claimed that man-made climate change is one of the most important issues in the world today. He uses it as a fear-mongering tactic to try and tell the world that unless we give him more control over the government, we’ll all die.

Here’s the thing.

If Bernie actually believed that climate change would kill us all, he would probably try a little harder to reduce his own carbon footprint.

As a nationally campaigning politician and owner of three homes, his footprint is estimated to be hundreds, if not thousands, of times that of the average American.

His refusal to even try and reduce it is proof that he either doesn’t believe that climate change is dangerous or doesn’t care if he’s personally responsible for the extinction of the human race.

Neither is a good look.

None of this is really news.

You can’t be a progressive without being a hypocrite.

It’s baked into the philosophy. Despite that, it’s imperative that we continue to point out this hypocrisy at every turn.

Mainstream media is going to cover for the left at every turn. Only by vocally calling bad ideas and hypocrites what they are can we hope to defeat the tireless spin of the left.

Keep that in mind, and never stop sharing proof that Bernie Sanders is a liar, hypocrite and menace to our country.

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