The Democrats are Imploding!

The Democratic Party seems to be having trouble uniting against the conservative side of the United States.

Many of the ideals that they were once united on are gone and there is now a sense of disunity among the senior party members and the upcoming younger members.

What was once considered liberal by one democratic member is looking rather conservative compared to the ideals of the younger generation.

The United States of America is a growing nation of nationalities.

As more and more people come here from other nations the nationality makeup of the country will continue to change.

Within the past few decades the Democratic party seems to shifting from one nationality to another in an attempt to gain a majority over the Republican Party.

The problem with that approach is that the nationality makeup of the country is always changing. What was once a strong majority one decade is not longer the case for the next.

People are tired of the liberal approach to politics.

They are tired of being abandoned after the polls, and they are looking for public servants that are going to be true to their word by the actions they take.

The people of this country no longer want fakes on Capitol Hill.

They want real people that do what they say they are going to do and not what suites their political career.

It is interesting to note that it looks like the Democratic Party is losing voter support.

Certain nationalities are voting more and more conservative. Even within the nationalities that highly support the Democratic Party they are seeing through the lies and propaganda and are moving to vote conservative.

Many have pointed out that the Democratic Party of 50 years ago is no long around.

They were once supportive of labor unions and other worker groups. But today they seek to divide people, destroy economies, and support criminal behaviors.

Part of the fracturing comes from the very groups they are trying to support.

Each group has different agendas and ideals that are not compatible with other groups that they support.

This leads to a divided house.

A house that is not united is doomed to fail in the near future.

Another problem is that the very people they voice to support they soon turn their back on them for another popular group of people.

The Democratic Party has become so mysterious in what and whom they support that they can be trusted. Even their own members do not know what the party actually stands for anymore.

The country seems to be moving towards a political party adjustment.

With the downfall of one major political party will create a vacuum of absence of power that will have to be filled.

The Republican party can fill much of the void but other smaller groups will fill in the rest. For a time it will be the conservative side that will guide the nation.

After the midterms elections were finished the Democratic Party has struggled to complete one major task in the first 100 days of taking back the House of Representatives.

It is almost like they are still celebrating the win and not getting anything accomplished.

Mainly in part because the differences of opinions that exist within the once united party.

The President of the United States and his administration has reminded the people time and time again of the liberal lefts fractured approached to politics. It seems like they cannot get their act together for the better good of the nation.

It is a party of disagreement and differences of opinion that are going to take its toll on the party.

The President and the rest of the Executive Branch have stood together and supported the same agenda.

They have unified the Republican Party and all of them are moving forward in a triumphant march for the betterment of the United States.

There has been near unified agreement on many major issues and it seems that the conservative side is uniting together to push forward to getting more done over the next few years.

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