This Should Make Parents and Teachers Very Happy!

The public education system is an ongoing battlefield on many levels and in many states.

Some places have to deal with overcrowding and bad facilities while others have to deal with high crime and terrible graduation rates.

Presidents throughout history have made some kind of change to mark their tenure with.

What needs to be seen is how President Trump is going to match up to those that have come before him.

Public education was a small part of his campaign focus, but it is a focus that he is dealing with now.

What Others Have Done for Public Education

Former President Obama put into law the American and Reinvestment Act.

This provided $50 billion is grants to aid states with paying their teachers.

Money was also given to the states to help them improve testing standards and other programs geared at helping students.

Former President George W. Bush is known for the No Child Left Behind Act which is seen to be the largest involvement of the federal government in public education.

Under this act students have to take tests to show their progress.

They take the tests once in high school as a way of gauging where they are at academically.

Students that struggle can get the help they need in order to catch up.

Former President Bill Clinton saw to it that $400 million per year went to states to help promote programs to help students achieve academic success.

These changes aimed to help school make much-needed improvements. And help the school have high standards of learning.

Former President H. W. Bush led the way in setting educational goals.

His goal was to see students progress at certain levels before moving on. He also laid the foundation for Common Core to become the set state standards.

Where President Trump Comes into the Effort

President Trump has put the entire school system under his radar.

President Trump has paved the way for families to their college savings plans for private school education.

He has rolled back some of those regulation that delayed the education process.

Part of President Trumps new tax law made the above mentioned college savings plan usage possible.

There are some that believe that families will not be able to deduct large shares of local taxes as a result. But time will tell on this issue.

President Trump has also dismantled the ESSA regulations on holding certain things accountable.

These regulations were hard to navigate and delayed a lot of business getting down. Removing them can only speed up processes to education and make it easier for educators to do their jobs.

On a more socialized note, The White House has removed the many regulations put into place by the Obama administration that are clearly obsolete.

The way sexual assault charges were to handled on public school grounds was changed and students would have to once again use the restroom that corresponds with their birth gender identity.

When Obama allowed people to use the bathroom of their choice it opened the doors to a lot of problems and people taking advantage of the situation to fulfill their own agendas.

President Trump is far from finished with the public school educational system.

Once can only expect to see more changes and improvements as his term progresses.

Many of the past programs that the President has proposed cutting really could be done away with.

There are concerns that the President will at some point cut funding for school budgets. This may not be such a bad idea. Cutting funding only forces schools to better manage their cash flow.

There are times when certain programs need to be scaled back or even eliminated for a time in order to improve things.

One area of debate between people is the area of sports. It seems like the sports programs have become a launching ground for careers.

It would not be out of line to see this subject come up in future discussions at some point.

The President continues to make improvements across the board designed only to improve this country.

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