How Trump MUST Reach Out to Independent Voters!

Now that the Mueller report has exonerated the President, even more independent voters are starting to sway to Trump. Some are taking straight to him. But some could use a little help. Here are four ways that we can help independent voters make the smart choice and vote for President Trump in 2020.

1. Put Away the “Don’t Throw Away Your Vote” Shtick

Using the word “shame” as a verb–as an act instead of a weighty thing to carry–is a bit overdone these days. It’s especially overdone among the far end of the lib-Dem mindset.

But just this once, we’ve got to use it. Because accusing independent voters of “throwing away their vote” amounts to a shame tactic. Rather than winning them to our side, it simply courts resentment and pushes people away.

In other words, it’s time to put the “you’re throwing your vote away” argument to rest.

And that’s fine. Enough positive things have happened under President Trump, that we don’t need this old tactic. Instead of putting down independent voters’ decisions, let’s remind them about what’s good about voting Trump. Because there is plenty!

2. Talk About the Second Amendment

Most independent voters are pro-second amendment. Most Democrat politicians are definitely not. Unless a there is a third-party super-candidate in 2020 (hint: there won’t be), our gun rights are a big effing deal. A Democrat president could maul our Second Amendment rights in ways that last for generations.

Listen, it’s a sad day when we posit Bill Clinton as a sane president. But, perhaps because of his Southern heritage, he was at least somewhat sympathetic when it came to Second Amendment issues. And maybe we’ll see a Democrat presidential candidate like that again in the future.

But right now, that’s just not the way the Democrat party works. Just about every Democrat political candidate wants to trash the Second Amendment as we know it–even the pistol-packing Kamala Harris.

This is a big deal. Not just because our right to keep and bear arms is important. But because it has never been so in danger by radical Democrat politicians and the overly-vocal far left.

This is something that’s important to most independent voters. Unfortunately, many of them don’t realize how dire our situation is right now. One wrong president could change our gun rights forever. We absolutely must remind independent voters of this.

3. Point Towards the Shrill Dems

The Dems have gotten crazy. You know they have–and so do most independent voters. But it never hurts to remind them.

You probably already have your own talking points when it comes to how insane the Democrat party has gotten in just the last two years. But for a refresher, we’d also like to suggest the way Democrat politicians have turned an about-face on border security (nearly all of them voted for it before Donald Trump became President); Rep Ilhan Omar’s rabid antisemitism, and her likely push for Sharia Law; and pretty much anything that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has ever said!

4. Talk About Practical Voting–But Don’t Be Overbearing About It

It’s admirable to stick by one’s conscience. At one point, voting for a third-party candidate seemed like a noble alternative–sort of like a soldier keeping his post at Pompey.

But with Democrats wanting to abolish (or at best, rewrite) the Constitution, voting one’s conscious isn’t a good practical alternative.

This is an important point to bring up with independent voters. But do it with class and without criticism. It’s a situation very similar to accusing independent voters of throwing away their votes on third parties: we don’t’ want to do it. Putting down someone’s past decisions isn’t going to get them to vote right.

And even if it did, do we want to keep company with people who can be browbeaten into voting a certain way? No we don’t. There are plenty of intelligent independent voters who can make the right decision if we’ll just present them with the right information–and do it in the right way. Those are the people we want on our side. And they may not know it yet, but they want to be on our side as well.

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