Writer Framed Pete Buttigieg for Sexual Assault!

In the insanely crowded 2020 Democratic presidential field, South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg has recently been skyrocketing to the front of the pack.

Apparently, at least one individual is unhappy with Buttigieg’s success.

According to TheBlaze, Jacob Wohl, who used to write for Gateway Pundit, is accused of attempting to fabricate sexual assault allegations against the openly gay 2020 Democratic presidential candidate.

TheBlaze reported that “Wohl was looking for someone willing to say that they had been sexually assaulted by Buttigieg.”

One of the people Wohl allegedly approached recorded a conversation with him and handed it over to the Daily Beast.

In the communication, “Wohl tries to convince this anonymous person, who Daily Beast reporter Lachlan Markay described on Twitter as a ‘die-hard Trump supporter,’ to say that he had been drunk and Buttigieg had taken advantage of this and assaulted him.”

The source stated that he turned Wohl’s outrageous offer down.

A second individual, Hunter Kelly, a college student from Michigan, claimed Wohl penned a Medium post under Kelly’s name accusing the South Bend, Indiana Mayor of sexual misconduct.

Kelly remarked that the entire event was contrived without his approval.

He also said he’d never even been to Washington D.C. where the indiscretion supposedly was to have occurred.

Fake Gmail and Twitter accounts in Kelly’s name existed. Kelly contented “Wohl had tried to get him on board with this plan by claiming to that it was a ‘task force’ sanctioned by the Trump administration.”

Reportedly, this was a complete untruth.

According to TheBlaze, “Longtime Wohl collaborator and lobbyist Jack Burkman was also involved in this scam.”

The Medium post has been removed. Kelly has also since publicly denounced that he’s ever been sexually assaulted.

Unbelievably, this isn’t Wohl’s first attempt to smear a political figure for sexual misconduct.

Last October, he reportedly engaged in a similar, despicable undertaking. In this instance, Wohl and Burkman attempted to concoct sexual assault allegations against special counsel Robert Mueller.

TheBlaze reported that Wohl purportedly “created a fake investigative firm called Surefire intelligence. The phone number for this fictional firm went to Wohl’s own mother’s answering machine. The LinkedIn account for the company had been hastily populated with fake profiles featuring pictures of Wohl and other people who seemingly had their photos selected at random, all under fake names.”

After the Mueller incident, Gateway Pundit cut ties with Wohl.

According to left-leaning NBC News, Wohl “has a history of schemes. He was once billed as a teenage financial guru, but his penchant for lying — about his success and credentials — cut his investment career short and attracted investigations by government and industry regulators.”

The Me Too movement has put sexual misconduct in the spotlight in this country in recent months.

Celebrities, politicians, and business-people have had their careers destroyed due to allegations made against them.

Obviously, if someone has committed sexual assault, they should face punishment.

Unfortunately, the knee-jerk climate in the nation created by the Me Too movement sometimes seeks to punish without giving the accused party a right to defend himself or herself.

And, as evidenced by Wohl’s actions, all sexual assault accusations aren’t credible.

Buttigieg isn’t the first 2020 Democratic presidential contender to be in the news for sexual misconduct reasons.

Before former Vice President Joe Biden, Democrat – Delaware, officially announced his bid to run for president last week, multiple women came forward to charge him with inappropriate behavior.

Fox News reported that former Nevada lieutenant gubernatorial candidate Lucy Flores accused the former Vice President of inappropriate sexual behavior during a 2014 campaign event.

Flores claimed that Biden “plant[ed] a big slow kiss on the back of my head.”

In an interview with leftist MSNBC, Flores stated, “I’m just shocked that no one has ever told Vice President Biden, ‘stop interacting with women that way. You’re making them feel uncomfortable.’ Or, at least we think you’re making them feel uncomfortable because that is the perception we’re seeing from the outside in.”

Biden’s second accuser, Amy Lappos, said that the former Vice President grabbed her during a fundraiser for Connecticut Democratic Representative Jim Himes in 2009.

Discussing the encounter, Lappos said, “It wasn’t sexual, but he did grab me by the head. He put his hand around my neck and pulled me in to rub noses with me. When he was pulling me in, I thought he was going to kiss me on the mouth.”

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