What in the World Are the Democrats Trying to Do?!

It seems as though Democrats and Liberals only hear what they want to hear, and if the truth offends them, then they turn the microphone off and silence whoever is not speaking for them.

That is what happened today in the hearing where the House Judiciary Committee gathered to hear the witness testimony of Attorney General Bill Barr concerning the Mueller Russian investigation.

It was a typical day in Washington except for the fact the witness did not show up for the hearing.

The Attorney General was a no show.

Things got a little spicy in the room when Chairman Jerry Nadler, a Democrat from New York, put his two cents in and stated, “Barr is afraid of cross-examination and he was terrified Wednesday evening.”

It was the second day of the hearing, and Barr was supposed to answer questions in cross-examination.

Barr did not approve of who was doing the interrogation and felt it was best not to show to save the arguments.

With good reason, if someone is not qualified to ask legitimate questions, then it is not worth wasting anyone’s time.

Republicans jumped up to defend the Attorney General stating Wednesday he sat before Congress for six hours, and it proves he was not scared to face anyone.

Doug Collins, a Republican from Georgia, stated, “It was that the Democrats wanted staff members to ask questions of the attorney general.”

Collins suggested to the Committee, “If that staff member wants to ask questions, run for Congress.”

Collins continued, “The reason Bill Barr is not here today is because Democrats decided they did not want him here.  The House Judiciary Committee isn’t getting the chance to hear from Barr because the stunt and the circus continues.”

With that statement, Chairman Nadler did not respond and rapped his gavel in efforts to conclude the hearing.

Representative Matt Gaetz, a Republican from Florida, objected with this statement, “We will defend the prerogatives of Congress. We’ll defend the rights of the American people to know what’s going on.  There is not going to be a recognition of members who seek legitimate inquiry as to the procedures?!”

Once the Republican Representative made the comment in efforts for a rebuttal, the Chairman cut off the microphone.

Apparently, it is a one-sided hearing, and only the Democrats are allowed to speak in Congress.

The Freedom of Speech for the Conservative Republicans has been silenced today.  Doug Collins, who has been a part of the committee for over six years said, “What I have witnessed this morning was unprecedented.”

Representative Steve Cohen, a Democrat from Tennessee, showed up at the hearing with a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken and a rubber chicken to the Committee to mock Attorney General Barr.

One would assume it was a childish effort to say he was a chicken for not showing up to the hearing and he was “terrified” of the questioning.

This is what we have in Federal offices across the country representing us.

It seems more of a circus act and a kindergarten playground rather than people who are supposed to be doing their jobs and representing the American Citizens.

The American people are getting tired of these games, and we want real people in office who are dedicated and devoted to representing us in Congress.

The Conservatives are the only ones who seem to care in stopping the Liberal Left from destroying this country.

Freedom of Speech is for the American Citizens, but it should also be included with those who represent us.

They are the ones who speak for us in Washington.  To have a Democrat committee leader cut off a microphone in a hearing is unacceptable and should not be tolerated.

The First Amendment is always getting attacked by people who want their way and their way only.

This should never happen in the Judiciary and Legislative systems.

According to polls, almost half of American citizens agree with the way Barr is handling the Mueller investigation and the hearings.

This says a lot because some do not have an opinion at all.  We are tired, and “We the People” want better.  The voting booths are the only way to solve this.

The question we all have to ask ourselves is “When are we going to have enough?”

Will it be when we all are silenced and have no more rights?

It is then we only can blame ourselves for allowing such a tragedy to happen in this great nation.

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