Trump’s New Plan Will Result in Many New Jobs!

The recent news about the $2 trillion agreement on the Presidents infrastructure bill should be one of those dates we mark on the calendar. Why?

Because the ripple effect it would cause could be of tidal wave proportions.

There is one particular area where the passing of this bill (and provided the President gets his way) could have a massive impact, job employment.

This isn’t just about jobs though, this is about good, well paying and life-changing type of jobs and the benefits of this bill may only swell from there. First things first, however, starting with that trillion dollar agreement.

Certainly, with at least some surprise, President Trump shook hands with the Democratic-led Congress on the price of a two-trillion dollar infrastructure bill, as House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi was also vital in getting the agreement done.

While there is still a long road ahead, like how to pay for this substantial project or like aligning the goals between how the Republicans and Democrats want to see this bill used, the ball is now rolling.

How this bill is influenced and the direction this “project” takes will determine a great deal, such as the difference between a great deal or a deal gone bad. It isn’t that anyone is particularly against the green initiatives and “save the earth” mentality promoted by the Democrats.

We all want a cleaner, better and healthier place to live, the President just doesn’t intend to spend two trillion dollars of his infrastructure bill on that cause.

While there will definitely be a struggle from the left and the right on how to allot those funds, if the President gets his way or even most of it (this may be a give-and-take circumstance), you will know why you marked your calendar.

The possibilities and potential of a windfall for our economy and our country, if this bill follows the President’s plan, didn’t go unnoticed either. A recent story from the New York Times discussed at some length, just how bountiful this infrastructure bill could be – for everyone.

Although what projects, what areas of infrastructure and what this will look like in the end is still undetermined, it isn’t difficult to see how good this could be for the entire country – beginning with the workforce.

Using one such scenario the article said:

… a high-speed, federally funded rail network, for example, could employ tens of thousands of people with high school educations during the yearslong building phase. Whatever infrastructure project or projects that Mr. Trump and Congress finally agree upon, a labor force participation rate of only 63 percent suggests, rather strongly, that a lot of workforce dropouts would come off the sidelines for a job that paid well enough.

Yes, environmental issues are important and there is no argument that those issues matter.

The bigger issue, however, is that people still must eat, live, and buy the necessities.

That means jobs.

The kind of jobs that allow us to reinvest in our communities, raise families, buy homes or even begin our own businesses. The earth needs us to care now but our planet won’t die tomorrow.

For the families who have struggled from jobs lost overseas, reduced manufacturing roles and increased technologies… tell them they can wait.

America was built on the backs of the blue collar workforce and those folks haven’t gone anywhere.

From our farmers in the earliest years of our history to the industrial age of manufacturing, blue-collar workers have long been the country’s backbone.

It may be true that the need and demand for that workforce has diminished but these people haven’t.

An infrastructure project like the one the President suggests, would not only put the blue collar worker back to work but it would make them a prominent part of the employment landscape once again.

President Trump ran on the claims to do the very things a bill like this could accomplish, such as more jobs and better jobs for the high school graduates, for blue collar workers.

Will the President continue to get his way, continue to find common ground and get things done with those across the aisle?

Just remember this conversation in three years when we are in the President’s second term and while you witness America experiencing an economic strength and health of historic scale, then we will know.

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