Mnuchin Rejects Trump Being Forced to Hand Over Tax Returns

The debate over the release of President Trump’s tax returns continues as the Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin stated that the President’s tax returns would not be released.

The Democratic run House is obsessed with trying to incriminate the President any way they can.

All their attempts to find a public matter have failed so not they are turning to his private life in an attempt to find something. T

he President’s administration staff and officials are blocking attempts by Congress to investigate the President.

There really is nothing there for them to find, so they are shooting into the wind hoping to hit something.

Mnuchin sent a letter to the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee Richard E. Neal stating that it will not turn over the returns to them stating privacy laws in defense of the letter.

Mnuchin had conferred with the Justice Department, and they agreed that it is not lawful to violate the President’s privacy rights.

The debate centers around if there is a tangible legislative purpose being served as to why Congress needs the returns.

Mnuchin has stated the Democratic House has not produced any purpose that would require the President to turn over his private tax returns.

Since 1924, requests for the tax returns of the sitting President have been honored.

But those had legislative purposes.

To turn the tax returns over now, with no legislative purpose attached, will set in motion a precedent that is extremely dangerous for future Presidents.

It becomes dangerous when a person in Congress becomes disgruntled against the sitting President and wants to harm the person.

All they would have to do is pull up their tax returns and find something to harm them with. Mnuchin is fighting to keep the returns from being released to keep from setting such a precedent.

Committee Chairman Richard E. Neal responded back by saying “I will consult with counsel and determine the appropriate response.”

The Democrats were notified that Mnuchin would be consulting with the Justice Department regarding the request and would get back to them on May 6.

He would go on to state that, “in reliance on the advice of the Department of Justice, I have determined that the Committee’s request lacks a legitimate legislative purpose, and … the Department is therefore not authorized to disclose the requested returns and return information.”

The Department of Justice will soon release its reasoning as to why the tax returns are not going to be released.

The House Democrats are arguing that they have the right to make such a request and that it is honored.

They are also insisting that they will go to court and let a federal judge rule on the matter if they need to do so. If the issue goes to court there is a strong chance that it would end up going to the Supreme Court for a final decision.

Chairman Neal’s request was for Trump to turn over six years worth of his personal returns.

Three times Neal has requested them and each time Mnuchin has blocked the request stating that the request is not valid because there is no legislative reason why Congress needs the returns.

The Democrats in response to his statements have rejected the arguments from Mnuchin and continue to make the request for the returns.

Lloyd Doggett, a representative from the state of Texas, has stated that, “We need immediate legal actin. We cannot allow this bad president to set bad precedent. If Trump once again faces only Republican silence and Democratic timidity, he will continue to erode our democracy by assuming more and more power.”

The Democrats believe that they need the returns in order to have better oversight.

Mnuchin believes that this is a fishing attempt by the Democrats to destroy a good President that the Democrats clearly do not care for.

With the Treasury siding with Mnuchin and rejecting the request the Democratic run House is in for a fight.

The House is looking for some other way to get what they want.

They are hoping that new state laws will get them the returns.

President Trump does not have to turn over to Congress anything that voters are ok with.

The fact that they voted Trump into office declares that it does not matter to the people.

Senator Charles E. Grassley from Iowa stated, “Big difference [between] legitimate congressional oversight & using the IRS as a political weapon.”

Something he posted on Twitter regarding the matter.

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