Pelosi Threatening Impeachment of the President AGAIN!

The recent subpoenas put out by Congress have been blocked by President Trump today as he exercises his executive right to do so.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi put out a warning almost like a threat, they would be seeking impeachment of the President if he were to defy any subpoena.

The Democrats are still trying to find evidence in something that is not there.

President Trump has blocked the subpoenas against former counsel Don McGahn and for the release of the full version of the Mueller Report.

Here we go again!

This report has been in the news for over a month now, and there was no evidence of collusion in the 2016 Presidential Election.

There also was no obstruction of justice.

The whole report was read, and everyone in the House Judiciary Committee has come to the conclusion President Trump was innocent of all charges, and there was no ground for impeachment.

The Democrats want the report in their hands to carry their own investigations.

It is time to close the books on this issue, but the Democrats keep holding on.

The Republicans and President Trump are ready to move on from this as Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader, said in his speech Tuesday, “Case closed.”

Pelosi states the Democrats plan to move forward with their plans of “multiple investigations” while the president is “goading” Democrats to try and impeach him.

Pelosi went to Cornell University and gave a speech for an event and stated, “One of the articles of impeachment against President Richard Nixon was based on ignoring subpoenas from Congress.  That could be part of an impeachable offense against Trump.  Every day he’s obstructing justice by saying this one should testify, that one shouldn’t testify.”  With the closure of the issue by the reading of the Mueller Report, President Trump has already said, “We’re fighting all the subpoenas.”

The House Judiciary Committee put out a subpoena for McGahn and the deadline to comply was Tuesday to hand over all records.

The acting White House Chief of Staff told McGahan “not to hand over the records.”

McGahn’s lawyer advised him to follow the request of the White House unless there is an agreement between the President and the committee.

The Chairman of the Judiciary Committee Jerrold Nadler put out this statement in response to the defiance, “Given that there has been neither an actual assertion of executive privilege nor an individualized showing that the privilege would apply to the subpoenaed records, the committee continues to insist on compliance with the subpoena.  I fully expect the committee will hold Mr. McGahn in contempt if he fails to appear before the committee unless the White House secures a court order directing otherwise.”

Monday, there was a separate deadline when Attorney General William Barr did not show up for the hearing in his failure to comply with the Judiciary panel.

After discussing the defiance, talks of contempt were put on hold.

Once the meeting ended, Rep. Jamie Raskin, a Democrat from Maryland, put out the statement to reporters, “Right now all systems go for the contempt hearing.  We remain unanimously determined on our side of the aisle to get the unredacted report as we’ve demanded.”

As the House Intelligence Committee is requesting the unredacted Mueller Report, the request is being ignored, so another subpoena has been put out to obtain the report.

Pelosi added in her speech at the University, “The House is justified in seeking the full Mueller report “in order to exercise all of the powers of Congress, including impeachment.  Following the facts and the law will lead Congress to the correct action to take in response to Trump’s actions documented in the Mueller report.  Any case against Trump must be built not only in congressional committees but also in the court of public opinion.”

She concluded her speech with these words, “He is just trying to goad us into impeachment, and wherever you go, I say to my colleagues — whatever it is, be ready.”

For weeks now, this has been one of the biggest circus acts.

So much time and money have been wasted.  Even the Democrats have been stumped by their own system as they cannot find anything to pin on President Donald J. Trump to have him impeached.

Since this is by far the worst the Democrats have come up with, it will be interesting to see what the president has for them since he always comes out victorious.

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