The Direction America is Headed Speaks for Itself

Here is an unpleasant truth: no matter what side of the aisle we step to, we are more than likely going to hear a biased, slanted or even radically partisan answer.

This is simply one of those ancient, known but unspoken facts that have haunted politics for as long as any of us can remember.

They are guilty of it on the left.

They are guilty of it on the right. In all fairness, however, there is some checks and balances almost by design, between the Democratic and Republican parties.

That still isn’t truthfully enough to justify the extreme party loyalties, lack of bipartisanship or resulting difficulty these to sides have in working together though.

This separation between the right and the left, the conservatives and the liberals, creates more problems than difficulty getting things done too (although that problem is big enough).

We also can have a very difficult time finding the truth, honest data or trustworthy information to help us understand – well, almost anything!

What this means for the vast majority of us who don’t work in Congress, the Senate or for the government, is a big blind spot.

The major issue that most of us common folk have is this, how do we know what is true or false?

How do we determine the level of bias or credibility in the information we get?

recent story gave a “backdoor” answer to this question, by posing a question that according to many of the major news outlets and media syndicates, begged an answer.

That story was entitled: If Trump Is So Bad, Why Are Things So Good?

The story went on to cite such points as, “…the lowest unemployment in decades,” and “… companies bringing jobs back to the United States that were outsourced before… .”

This story wasn’t a “glowing” report on the President but it did invite me to stop for a second and take a look at my own world.

In fact, I personally looked into renting a cabin for the weekend (the weather is getting nice you know) at a local cabin, lodge and park area.

I soon learned that many are already booked – two months out in several cases.

It is important to be able to look at the reports, get economic and employment facts and stay informed, but pay attention too.

Maybe the only evidence we need, or at least that matters most to us personally, is what we see. Have you driven by a Walmart lately?

Have you passed by a McDonald’s restaurant and seen the drive-thru line?

By chance have you noted all the new makes and models of vehicles in the last couple of years?

Apparently, this is absolute evidence that we are struggling as a country.

That we aren’t spending our money on weekend getaways but saving it because times are tough.

We aren’t shopping as much or eating out often, because it is a luxury we can’t afford.

And new cars? Forget about it!

Of course, what this obviously means is that by all practical accounts, we are headed in the right direction.

When we combine that practical, what we can see, feel, touch and experience, with information like that from our aforementioned story, we begin to see more clearly.

Facts are good, but when we can personally vouch for those facts and have this kind of empirical evidence, it speaks loudly.

Any country, any business, any organization with a leader or committee can generally be judged and evaluated by the current state of those they lead.

If a business is thriving, more often than not there is great leadership.

If an organization is failing, a lack of good leadership is commonly the cause.

It is very much the same when assessing the job of a country’s leadership.

How are we doing as a country?

How good of a job is President Trump doing as Commander and Chief?

What if those answers are right in front of us and what if the direction America is headed speaks for Itself? Isn’t that what really counts?

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