An Investigation: Biden and Barr and President Trump

President Trump has mentioned that it would be fine for him to have Attorney General Bill Barr start an investigation into Joe Biden.

In the upcoming 2020 election, Joe Biden is one of many Trump rivals seeking to win the White House.

The question is whether or not it is the right move for the President to have the Attorney General perform or not given the circumstances.

Rudy Giuliani is questioning the issue with the President.

The way that it looks is that the President’s personal attorney would have to go all the way to the Ukraine and ask the new government to look at Biden’s son, Hunter, and his involvement with a business that has been under investigation recently for certain things.

President Trump is seeking to know whether or not there has been any illegal activity with Biden’s boy.

This could seriously damage the chance that Biden would have at a winning the 2020 election.

And yet others are seeing this as a way for the Trump campaign to enlist foreign governments to aid in his re-election chances.

President Trump has stated, “Certainly it would be an appropriate thing to speak to him about, but I have not done that as yet. … It could be a very big situation.”

Joe and Hunter Biden and their connection to the Ukraine company has gotten the attention of the President’s political allies. T

he President’s allies are claiming that when Biden was the Vice President that he pressured the Ukrainian government to get rid of certain people in a way that would benefit his own family, particularly his son Hunter. So far there has been no evidence that has surfaced to link Biden to such an act.

This potential issue is having waves of conflict in the Republican and Democrat Parties.

The President has made statements that the issue is not ballooning into a large problem because Joe Biden is a Democrat.

The President has stated, “Because he’s a Democrat the report had about one-hundredth the impact it would have had if he were a Republican.”

The President is right in that assumption.

It seems that when a Republican slips up the Democrats make a huge deal about it.

Giuliani is said to have wanted to go to the Ukraine and urge the government to look into the involvement of Hunter and Burisma Holdings company.

He also wanted them to look into whether or not Hillary Clinton had tried to release forged papers tied to Paul Manafort.

He was planning on leaving later last week to speak with Volodymyr Zelensky.

The Ukraine President stated he was looking into making changes with one his prosecutors related to the case.

Giuliani has said, “I just want to tell him, ‘Don’t let these crooks talk you out of the investigation. There are real facts there they’ve got to investigate.’”

Also, stating, ‘A lot of this stuff is a lot easier for them to get. They do get nervous if they think the government is going to scuttle this investigation.”

However, he did cancel his trip because it appeared to be a set up by others with an agenda.

There has been a lot of conversations going on about the possibility of an investigation into the entire issue.

But now the critics of the President are fearing that he will have the Justice Department investigate some of his own rivals.

This move would just be in line with what the Democrats have done to President Trump and parts of his administration.

The President has made statements regarding Hillary Clinton and some of the things that she has done.

So much so that during the 2016 election many Trump supporters were chanting “Lock her up.”

So far there has been no investigation into Clinton but people can only wonder if it is still coming.

President Trump does not mess around with people that have been accused of things that are illegal or morally wrong.

He has on occasion alluded to the fact that people need to be honest and real if they are going to serve in an elected position.

The people of the United States are tired of comic book politics.

They want their elected leaders to act in ways that work together for the common good of the entire nation.

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