A Close Look at Canada and the Steel Tariffs

The media outlets are highly focused on the tariffs that the President has imposed on China.

They are making the issue larger than it needs to be given the circumstances. China and the United States are in a trade war.

Each nation is holding out hoping that the other side gives in or becomes more will to concede certain things in the negotiations of a new deal. But the mainstream media is not talk about what is going on with the border with Canada.

Chuck Grassley, who is the Senate Finance Chairman, has alluded to the fact that the United States and Canada could be nearing a deal to lift the tariffs on steel and aluminum from the nations northern neighbor.

The problem with the liberal media is that it wants to make it seem that there is absolutely no progress being made.

Progress means President Trump is headed for a victory in the trade category.

Church Grassley was confident that the United States and Canada are close to finalizing a deal.

He stated, “based on the fact that it seems to me … that they’re talking. That’s my understanding. And even the possibility of some face-to-face talks very soon. And maybe in 48 hours I’ll have a more definitive answer for you.”

President Trump has also gotten involved in the negotiations.

He has met with leaders of Mexico and Canada for the better part of a year.

The goal of each meeting was to work out a plan to remove the tariffs and try to work out a quota deal for better production.

Mexico and Canada have both come back on the President’s idea of quotas.

So far there has been no confirmed agreement. However, there are many people looking forward to what this new deal will actually look like when it is all said and done.

The Senator from Iowa, Chuck Grassley, has asked for the Trump administration to remove the tariffs and let’s move on with a new deal.

Removing the tariffs would, in the minds of many people, pave the way for better negotiations and relations with neighboring countries.

There has been no indication or insights into the talks with Mexico regarding trade deals and tariffs but there is a move to resolve the deal and tariff issues soon. Removal of tariffs would remove the barriers between the nations.

Wilbur Ross, who is the Commerce Secretary, has stated that the United States were not, “going to take tariffs off unless there are other things that protect national security.”

Senator Grassley has made the point that a tariff deal that would remove them would put a lot of pressure on the House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, to be more open with demands to get the USMCA passed and ratified. Senator Grassley has noted that if the USMCA agreement is not signed this year, then it would most likely not be signed until after the 2020 elections are long past. He was quoted as saying, “If we don’t get it done this year, it won’t be done until after the next presidential election.”

The deal between Mexico and Canada is called the USMCA and there are some highlights to it that really benefit the United States.

The deal would create level playing field for American workers, it would benefit farmers and people involved in the agribusiness sector, enhances the ability to trade fairly and safely long into the future, and deals with corruption practices that may happen at times.

Once the bill is ready for signing it must be taken before Congress and voted on in order to see that it gets signed. Until the USMCA is signed the old NAFTA agreement will remain in place. The President of the United States is trying to build a future of fairness for the American people while be fair with the nation’s border neighbors.

The President is not afraid to see that current deals are questioned and put back on the negotiating table in order to make this country great once again.

There have been times when other nations have taken advantage of the United States for their own gain.

The President is seeing to it that American interests are protected for many generations to come.

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