Should Barr Investigate Biden?

President Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani put out a statement on the president’s behalf that he wants Attorney General William Barr to consider an investigation on Joe Biden.

He wants to know what are Biden’s ties to Ukraine.

As Giuliani put out the statement, the Democrats became concerned the president will use assets including the U.S. justice department and foreign officials to go after the other candidates.

Both Giuliani and the president are on the same page, and both agree it is a case to be looked into concerning a business deal between Biden, his son, and Ukraine while Biden was the Vice President.

In Giuliani’s statement, he made the comments, “I believe the president has the same view that I have – that the attorney general should make this call.”

Giuliani considered Barr “independent, brilliant, and honest.”

He also added, “I can’t tell Attorney General Barr what to do. He’s a very, very fine lawyer. My experience with him is that he’s a very honorable man, and he will do the right thing.”

This set off the alarms among the Democrats and the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff told ABC’s This Week, “Going after [Biden’s] son is just a method of going after someone the president believes is his most formidable opponent.”

It was suspected while Biden was vice president, he used the office to boost his son’s (Hunter) business career in Ukraine.

Biden made it public with bragging rights in 2015 he made a threat to withhold aid from the U.S. to Ukraine.

The top prosecutor at the time, Viktor Shokin, was working on an investigation into a gas company, Burisma Holdings, which held Hunter Biden as the director of the company.

Once the threat was made by Joe Biden, the investigation ended abruptly.  Giuliani is working to resurrect the case and reopen it with Barr as the Attorney General.

The Biden family denies any allegations.  Investigations were not thorough on the corruption, and Shokin should have been fired.

While the events were questionable in 2015, Biden’s spokeswoman said, “Hunter Biden is a private citizen and a lawyer.

The vice-president does not endorse any particular company and has no involvement with this company.”

To this day, there is no solid evidence against Biden, but there is none because the case was dropped before investigations were completed.

President Trump made the comment on Friday to news sources, “It could be a very big situation, and it would certainly be an appropriate thing to discuss a potential investigation with Barr.”

Many Democrats feel it is a political tactic, but Giuliani insisted the investigation be reopened “sooner rather than later” to avoid the case affecting the upcoming elections.

Giuliani stated, “My experience says you must investigate it now, so you don’t run into it four months before the election like they did with Hillary.”

He was referring to the crowd’s chants “lock her up” which drew condemnation from Democrats and Hillary because of the FBI investigation concerning the lost emails and the way she handled classified information.

It is amazing how the tables turn when the Democrats become the ones who are being investigated.

President Trump put his first Attorney General, Jeff Sessions to work on Hillary Clinton’s work of the art scandal after he took office.  There was heavy resistance from the investigation on the Democrats part along with the Clinton’s.

Indictments were handed out at Former President Bush’s Funeral.

That really set off the fireworks.

The fear in everyone’s faces who held the envelopes was priceless.

There was resistance with those indictments as well.  Even though there were Republican’s as well as Democrats alike, they were all shocked this could even be done.

It happened, and it was only the beginning.

When the chants from the 2016 elections arose with “lock her up,” there was also the war cry of “drain the swamp.”

Once these indictments were handed out, it opened up a can of worms.

This is when the Democrats stepped it up a couple of notches and went after the president with everything they had.

Still, the president comes out innocent while it continues to bounce back on the Democrats as the public is growing weary of these games.

It is almost like the game “Tic for Tac.”

Now that the Mueller case is finally going to be put to rest soon, President Trump will be the one with the last laugh because the truth always finds its way to the surface.

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