Kushner and His Legal Immigration Idea

Immigration is a constant political discussion that takes comes up every election year. However, this year it has come up because it has reached a boiling point with leaders and citizens affected by the influx of illegal aliens.

The border patrol and immigration courts are overwhelmed with the number of people trying to cross the border without permission.

Those that are not caught are committing crimes and robbing Americans of their right to open jobs and fair pay.

This past week, Jared Kushner and Stephen Miller, who are both senior advisers from the White House, looked over the President’s proposal to reform the current immigration laws and practices that are governing our borders.

They stated that the proposal was lacking any depth to and needed to be refined.

An official stated, “I think folks in the room were underwhelmed with the whole plan.”

After the comments were made an adviser from the President’s administration gave rebuttal on the comments.

The comments and suggestions were to be taken under advisement and would be considered in the future.

The White House administration representative said, “The characterization that Kushner didn’t know the subject matter is wrong on many accounts.”

The border patrol and immigration courts are overwhelmed with the number of people trying to cross the border without permission.

The plan has been put together in a bipartisan way with Kushner providing liberal suggestions and Miller providing conservative plans.

Kevin Hassett, who helped with the development, has been offering an analysis of both sides as they have been coming together.

Hassett’s comments to the agenda is representative to of the business community and professionals.

The White House official said of the effort, “We did it that way so the right wing agreed with the Miller piece. The group did it together so there would be a whole of government approach.”

The President has been encouraging Democrats to work with him and stop fighting against the way he is trying to make things better or the country.

It seems to be working at least on the immigration issue.

President Trump is set to release the details of the plan soon.

However, some officials believe that getting the plan passed in going to take some time.

There is a lot of work that has to be done in order to convince people that it is the right course of action to fix a long-standing problem.

One reason for the discussion was for people to be able to see the progress that was being made.

The plan when unveiled was sketchy at best some have said.

There were certain key issues that were missing and would need to be addressed. There are some that felt they group had more in the plan than they first released.

There are other immigration proposals that are being developed that will come out soon.

Lindsey Graham, who is Republican Senator for South Carolina, stated, “the White House’s plan is not designed to become law.”

Graham is a Trump supporter but has another plan on immigration that will be submitted in a short time.

The plan that the President is suggesting uses a system of earning some kinds of merit that would prioritize the people that are seeking to enter the country for work or other related issues.

One issue that has yet to surface is the DACA issue.

This issue very divisive and must be dealt with carefully in order to get the support that is needed to pass immigration reforms.

For right now the border continues to be a hot zone of contention between people and parties.

There is a lot of discussion of what needs to be done in the short term and on a long term basis.

But talk is not going to solve the problem.

The President has had to take executive action on occasion in order to help protect the country.

The lawmakers of America need to come together and put their own agendas aside in order to fix this problem before it destroys a nation.

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