Bill Nye Curses and Sets a Globe on Fire

Bill Nye has certainly changed since he was the host of a children’s science show on PBS, calling himself “the science guy.”

He appeared recently on “Last Week Tonight” with John Oliver to explain his take on climate change in a way that was both unintentionally hilarious and disturbing.

Oliver, a British citizen whose job is apparently to lecture the low brow colonials in an annoying accent on his take on the world condition, started things off by giving his case for the Green New Deal.

To remind the gentle reader, the Green New Deal is the brainchild of Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez developed she says, to save the world from annihilation by climate change that she said would happen in ten years unless humans change their evil ways.

Those changes include eliminating air travel, private automobiles, beef, cow’s milk, and fossil fuels while retrofitting every building in America from the lowliest shack to the largest shopping mall to be carbon neutral.

The price tag would be about $100 trillion over ten years. The Green New Deal has been described as the product of a college dorm session after the bong pipe has been passed around too often.

Things went from bad to worse when Bill Nye came on, wearing his lab coat and nerdy bow tie.

Nye launched into an obscenity laced rant, filled with F bombs, that made the musings of Ocasio-Cortez seem sane in comparison.

At one point he used a blow torch to set a globe on fire while screaming, “What I’m saying is, the planet’s on f****ing fire!”

Nye, like a number of other media has beens, has been on a desperate quest to remain relevant long after his science show became part of Gen X history. He has a more bizarre version of a science show that has more interpretive dance numbers than lab experiments on Netflix.

Mostly, he has joined the Church of Global Warming and has become the modern-day version of a Calvinist preacher like John Knox, shouting that we’re all going to hell unless we repent.

In this case “hell” is a warming planet.

Truth to tell, climate change, caused by human generated greenhouse gasses pumped into the atmosphere, is a real phenomenon. However, a great deal of disagreement exists in the climate science community over what the significance is.

Judith Curry, one of the most eminent climate scientists on the planet, has pointed out that greenhouse gasses are just one factor that affect the world’s climate.

Others include ocean currents, air flows, and even the output of the sun, which tends to vary.

Bill Nye, by the way, has a degree in mechanical engineering.

He has no formal training in climate nor is he, strictly speaking, a scientist. He just plays one on TV.

Nye also seems to have forgotten how to present an argument.

The method that most people who want to be listened to is to present the problem, list the evidence to support the existence of the problem, and then outline a realistic solution.

Many people who view climate change as a problem have pointed out that nuclear power, clean burning natural gas, carbon capture, and planting lots of trees are a good solution set.

No serious scientist believes that the world is going to end in 2030.

The last thing one should do while offering an argument is to act like one of those raggedy homeless people, carrying signs on street corners that read, “The End is Near!”

Nor should one rant and rave with lots of F bombs. That method no doubt reveals one’s passion, but it also causes people to conclude that one is a loon.

Parents will clap their hands over their children’s ears, people will rush past, and eventually the police will be summoned to drag the prophet of doom to some place where they can get a psych evaluation.

Indeed, it seemed that Bill Nye was off his meds.

One can be certain that no one, seeing the spectacle he made of himself, said, “You know, I thought that climate change was a bunch of hokum, but watching good old Bill Nye the Science Guy scream and wield a blow torch on John Oliver certainly set me straight.”

The main impediment to dealing with climate change are not the skeptics, or as the true believers call “deniers”, but rather people like Bill Nye.

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