Civil War For The GOP Is Imminent

There hasn’t been a civil war in the United States since 1861, which lasted five years and killed thousands of individuals.

It was as a result of the brewing tensions between the north and the south, primarily over slavery.

A civil war of sorts for the GOP seems to be brewing, though hopefully, it won’t come to a physical altercation of mass destruction that lasts for years.

Senators are at War

It’s clear that no one seems to want to get along in the political front of the United States.

Take out the differences that are clearly being experienced between the Republicans and the Democrats.

Even within the GOP, there are some clear lines being drawn in the sand.

A number of Republicans are getting mad at each other, and it’s all in the name of Donald Trump, Jr., the son of the US President.

The Senate Intelligence Committee has issued a subpoena for Donald Trump, Jr.

Richard Burr, the Republican Senator who chairs the committee, was told to abandon the idea.

He has been publicly goaded on multiple occasions.

The pressure is building for him to forget about it both publicly and privately.

What this means is that the senators have to choose their loyalty: The Intelligence Committee or the president’s family.

It’s clearly not a simple line. With the completion of the investigation conducted by Mueller, the Intelligence Committee wants to finish up any remaining investigations to clear the president and his family.

Barr has defended his approach, though it could also lead to Trump’s son being held in contempt of Congress if he chooses not to follow through with the subpoena.

Those close to Trump, Jr have already said that he is unlikely to appear in person and he plans to invoke his Fifth Amendment rights.

On the other side of the line is Senator Thom Thillis, a representative who is being challenged by a more conservative running mate next year.

There are whispers that Trump will endorse his opponent if he doesn’t take a serious opposition to the subpoena.

The Arguments

When the Democrats hired the outside counsel, Mueller, to conduct the investigations, everything was supposed to be cut and dry.

As Senator Rand Paul has said, the subpoenas can’t even take place without a Republican supporting it.

The investigation was supposed to end when the counsel sent the report to Barr.

However, it seems that everyone now wants to second guess the findings of the report while dragging Trump’s family name through the mud.

Senator Steve Daines agrees with Paul. Everyone’s frustrated on what’s going on and it’s time to move away from the investigations.

Senator John Cornyn agrees, too.

The Mueller report concluded that there was no collusion and Barr says that there was no obstruction.

Many Senators are at a loss for words as to why the investigation continues.

There’s no reason for it since the reports have shown conclusive information to close the case and move forward with more important things.

However, it seems that Senators are willing to go to battle over the Mueller report.

Barr has identified that he is not going to withdraw the subpoena.

As Senator Susan Collins supports him, she believes that it’s important to complete the work and make sure that there is a true bipartisan congressional investigation of collusion and counterintelligence efforts with Russia.

Plenty are saying enough is enough while others want to keep going.

It all centers around President Trump and his eldest son.

Ever since the Trump family entered the White House, there have been issues and battles going on.

While it was easy to see why there were battles going on between the two major parties, it’s not as easy to see why the GOP continues to battle it out.

Clearly, there’s more information going on behind the scenes than what’s being shared with the news.

If the Republicans want to make sure that there is a clear investigation, it’s certainly possible that the whole story isn’t being shared. However, when there are others that are saying the information is reported on and Trump wasn’t found to be in collusion, it seems simple enough to move on.

It’s going to end one way or another.

It’s all a matter of which side is going to push the hardest in order to continue the investigation or end it once and for all.

As for whether it will result in an actual civil war, with the Trump family in the dead center of it all, only time will tell.

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