Clearing Up Mueller’s Claims

On May 29, Mueller stepped up to talk about the report that he and his team were hired to compile based on investigations on President Donald Trump. There are a lot of comments being made about what the report does and doesn’t say, so Mueller clears a few things up.

However, this is where things start to get confusing for everyone.

Mueller starts by saying that the report is his testimony. He has said that he does not wish to add anything else to the report. The burden for Trump accountability is, essentially, being pushed to Congress.

No Charges…Yet

Mueller is resigning from the Department of Justice in favor of returning to his private life. He wants the 400-page report to speak for itself. With regards to the report, he explains why he’s deciding not to charge Donald Trump with any crimes.

He’s also gone on record to explain that all of the findings, analysis, and decisions are within the report. He does not want to speak any further, which is why he also chose not to take questions when he was at the podium.

Mueller identifies that the appointment order was to focus on the interference in the 2016 presidential election. This included Russian intelligence officers launching a concerted attack on the United States political system.

There were a number of indictments and allegations. He identified that he wasn’t going to comment on the guilt or innocence of any specific defendant. He reminded everyone that defendants are presumed innocent unless and until they have been proven guilty in a court of law.

Mueller identified that there were efforts to obstruct his investigation, which they further investigated. They needed to obtain full and accurate information from every question person.

When there is an obstruction, it can make it more difficult to obtain the truth and hold the wrongdoers accountable for their actions.

Mueller explains that the report has two parts which address two main issues that they were asked to investigate. The first focuses on efforts from Russia and how they influenced the election, including how Trump’s campaign responded to the activity.

The second is to describe the results and analysis based on obstructing justice regarding the investigation involving Pres. Donald Trump.

Mueller comments that they were unable to determine whether the president committed a crime or not. As many news stations have reported, it says that he’s not “not guilty.” However, it also doesn’t say that he’s guilty.

As required by department regulations, Mueller and his team conducted an independent criminal investigation, and then reported those results to the Atty. General. The Atty. General then believed it was appropriate to provide the majority of the report to both Congress and the American people.

Congress Has a Decision to Make

The way that Mueller leaves everything means that Congress has to decide whether they are going to continue the investigation. Mueller closes his speech by saying that there were multiple, systematic efforts that interfered with the 2016 presidential election.

That allegation, he believes, is worth giving it the attention that the American public deserves.

Whether Mueller is saying that Trump is guilty or not is not up for debate. Mueller cannot find enough conclusive evidence that will charge Trump. However, that doesn’t mean that Trump is free and clear.

It is now up to Congress to decide whether they want to continue investigating, potentially only to waste more taxpayer dollars and learned that Trump wasn’t involved, or get enough information that could, potentially, be enough to impeach Trump.

Even with impeachment proceedings, is a two-part process. The Republican-majority Senate would make it difficult to remove Trump from office.

Further, the presidential election of 2020 is close. If the American people believe that Trump is guilty, they simply won’t elect him into office.

Right now, the only thing that can be truly done is to read the Mueller report and wait for Congress to take action in one way or another. Various news outlets are unreliable sources for what’s really in the report.

Giuliani has gone on Fox News to say that Democrats are lying to America about what the report says. Giuliani says that it’s important to look at what Mueller is saying – that there’s not enough to indict and, therefore, he can’t deliver an opinion.

And if we look at that information, two years were wasted on a hunt to find dirt on the President when, in fact, there’s not enough to link him to the crimes.

At this point, it’s important to remember that even Mueller reminded everyone that Trump (and everyone else) is innocent until PROVEN guilty.

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