Joe Biden Has a New Scandal on His Hands

Former Vice President Joe Biden has released his version of the Green New Deal.

The best that can be said about it is that it is not as awful as the original one proposed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The target date for a carbon neutral world in 2050 and not 2030.

The plan features electric cars, carbon capture power plants, and aircraft that use carbon light jet fuel.

No mention is made of nuclear power but also none of slaughtering cattle to stop their flatulence. Even the price tag is a little less, just shy of $2 trillion rather than $90 trillion or so.

The plan has a lot of bashing of oil and gas companies and a lot of things that will be demanded and mandated. However, those things are not the principle problems with Biden’s plan to save the planet from the climate change demons.

As Politico noted:

“Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign came under fire on Tuesday for putting out a $1.7 trillion climate change plan that appeared to copy a handful of passages from previously published documents.”

“The incident recalled the plagiarism incident that helped drive Biden from the 1988 presidential race, though Biden’s campaign team called the latest episode an error that was corrected.”

To quote Sarah Palin, “Tell us it ain’t so, Joe!” And we can add a paraphrase of a line from The Hunt for Red October, “Mr. Biden, another plagiarism scandal?”

Apparently, entire passages were lifted from documents produced from organizations ranging from the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions to the Blue-Green Alliance.

The Biden campaign claimed that the proper attributions were left out by accident but that they are now being added in.

Too late.

Politico goes on to say:

“Charges of plagiarism plagued Biden’s presidential campaign in 1987, eventually leading to his dropping out of the race. At least part of that scandal erupted when Biden appeared to lift lines of a speech from British Labor leader Neil Kinnock. Des Moines-Register political reporter David Yepsen, who was among the reporters to receive an opposition research videotape at the time showing Biden’s remarks laid out beside Kinnock, recalled the scandal then, which he described as explosive.”

Biden is not likely to be driven out of the race because of this latest fiasco. For one thing, the times were different in the late eighties. Gary Hart was driven from the same race for participating in a consensual adulterous affair on a boat called Monkey Business.

Biden was a different candidate as well. Over 30 years ago, he also ran, with the then governor of Massachusetts Michael Dukakis the favorite to make the attempt to retake the White House for the Democrats after the eight long years of the Reagan Terror.

However, instead of talking about his more sensible, more moderate Green New Deal in which everyone will get to keep their cars and still fly in airplanes, Biden is going to have to explain away his latest plagiarism scandal.

He finds himself on defense when he needs to be on offense, putting away his opponents and this secure the nomination.

Of course, the United States is over a year from the general election and Biden is already stumbling and staggering.

Barring something unforeseen (and history tells us such things happen all the time in elections) Biden is still likely to be the Democratic nominee for 2020.

But then he has to face Donald Trump, a bare-knuckle brawler in life, business, and politics. Trump has the advantage over any other politician in that he lacks a sense of shame.

The only time he has ever been seen to have expressed an angstrom of guilt was when the Access Hollywood tapes came out, likely because Melania called him on the carpet and gave him the mother of all chewing outs.

One thinks that the latest plagiarism scandal is not the last faux pas Biden will commit.

He has already reverted to form by being seen pawing a ten-year-old girl. He has a forty-seven-year record of being a gaffe machine so it is only a matter of time before he utters another one.

In other words, Election 2020 is going to be a fun one.

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