New Charges in the Parkland Shooting

The shooting that took place last year at Parkland was a national tragedy. Any time that a person or student resorts to killing helpless children others sit back and wonder how it could have been avoided.

However, perhaps a greater tragedy is when a law official sits by and does nothing to aid those that are being shot and wounded. Scot Peterson has recently been arrested for child neglect and charges that are connected with the tragedy that took place last year.

Scot Peterson has been put in the Broward Country Jail on a bond that amounts to $102,000. He was arrested on seven different accounts of child neglect, three counts of culpable negligence, and one count of perjury.

The arrest warrant that was issued for Scot Peterson states the following, “Deputy Scot Peterson, while acting as a caregiver, willfully neglected; [REDACTED] by failing to immediately take action, as he was trained and as is required of a caregiver, to stop the active shooter, Nikolas Cruz.”

Peterson, being a law official, had the duty to engage the shooter and to try to put a stop to the violence.

His warrant also stated that he, “in failing to, or refusing to, address Nikolas Cruz’ actions, exhibited a reckless indifference to or grossly careless disregard for others.”

Several others within the Broward Country law enforcement agency has been fired and can never again work with the county sheriff’s office.

During the Parkland shooting, there were 14 children that were shot and killed and three staff members. The shooter is still awaiting trial in the Broward County courts.

According to sources, Peterson retreated and failed to engage the shooter in an attempt to stop the violence.

Lori Alhadeff, who is a parent that lost a child, has stated, “I’m so happy that justice is finally being served. There’s accountability for the lack of action of the coward that Peterson was and is.”

And still another parent stated, “Certainly not disappointed and not surprised. He needs to rot,” said Guttenberg. “He has continued to abuse the families by continuing to lie about how he failed my child and 16 others. He deserves to rot. He is responsible in large part for me why my daughter is gone and I have no sympathy for him, I’m glad he’s been arrested.”

There are so many lives and people that have been affected by this tragedy. Those that volunteer to keep the peace and protect the innocent are expected to stop those that would do harm to others. Scot Peterson failed to engage the shooter and instead ran the other way.

Ashley Moody, who is the Florida Attorney General, stated, “The Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting was a horrible tragedy and it is devastating to think that the loss of innocent lives of students and faculty could have been prevented. As a mother, I cannot imagine the heartbreak and pain the families of the victims and the whole Parkland community have felt every day since February 14, 2018. I want to thank the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Broward State Attorney’s Office for investigating this tragedy and holding Scot Peterson responsible for his inaction.”

In a culture that has recently looked down hard on law enforcement this kind of action from one that could have made a difference didn’t help the overall appearance of local law enforcement.

The Broward County Sheriffs Office does a fine job serving the people and protecting the public. The actions of one man should not harm the public’s faith in their servants but it may on some level.

If Scot Peterson is found guilty of his actions, then he could face up to 96 ½ years in prison. More than enough time for him to spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Some claim that gun control is the answer to stop these tragedies from taking place. However, disarming the innocent will never keep the guns out of the criminal’s hands.

They will find what they need to enact their violence on the innocent.

People need to be armed in order to defend themselves.

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