Kamala Harris’ Husband Tries to Steal the Limelight

Most political candidates don’t show off their spouses until it’s time to be inaugurated. They take a backseat to what’s happening so that the spotlight is where it needs to be: on the candidate. This changed a bit for Kamala Harris at a recent debate.

Kamala Harris has been married to Douglas Emhoff since 2014. He’s rarely seen when she’s in office or on the campaign trail. However, he’s always there. He just stays out of the spotlight.

This changed during a MoveOn’s Big Ideas Forum in San Francisco on June 1.

What happened?

Kamala Harris was sitting on stage for the MoveOn forum, talking with co-moderator Karine Jean-Pierre. That’s when an animal rights protester rushed the stage in order to confront California Senator, Kamala Harris.

Rather than waiting for security to deal with the matter, Emhoff rushed the stage to grab the unknown protester wearing a man-bun. By this time, Harris had walked off of the stage. Jean-Pierre was also working to de-escalate the situation.

Just like that, the spotlight was on Emhoff. The attorney was wearing quite the scowl and had wrestled the microphone from the protester’s hand. Several other men were hustling the man off of the stage with Emhoff.

Not What Harris Needed

Many view Harris as a fierce adversary of Trump – and that’s an image that she’d like to maintain. Considering that she’s running for the Democratic nomination, she wants to continue to be fierce.

She has defined herself as someone who needs no protection. Having her husband rush the stage in her defense is likely not something she would have liked to have happened.

However, anyone can agree that a husband rushing to the aid of his wife is relatable.

Many of Harris’ fellow running maters will share details about their marriage. They open up about their personal life so that voters know who they’re voting for in every sense of the word.

Buttigieg, for example, talks openly about the relationship he has with his husband.

Kamala Harris likes to keep her private life private. Although Emhoff is usually with her, he’s spotted behind the scenes. He’s a quiet presence on the campaign trail, letting his wife do what she does best.

She shares a few anecdotes from time to time about their courtship and leaves it at that.

Why did he do it?

It’s unclear as to what Emhoff’s motives were when he leaped up to defend his wife. While the protester took the microphone out of Harris’ hand, it was clear that he didn’t mean any real harm.

He simply wanted the microphone for his own speech. Security was in place throughout the event, too, so Harris would have been covered by them.

For the most part, Emhoff has enjoyed staying quiet. He doesn’t do many interviews, though he did one in March to discuss his role as an entertainment attorney.

With Harris clearly seeking the White House for 2020, Emhoff has not identified what kind of role he will have.

His Twitter feed shows how much he loves his wife, constantly rooting for her. He also provides plenty of photos on the campaign trail to Harris fans, sharing what’s happening behind the scenes. He’s the doting husband, but now he’s a bit more noticeable.

Emhoff is certainly becoming more noticed.

His public profile is on the rise, too. With Harris looking towards the White House, it’s only natural for people to wonder what Emhoff is going to do – especially if she were to secure the Democratic nomination and win over Trump in 2020.

While it’s still considered a long shot at the moment, it was also a long shot for Trump to win the presidency in 2016. Anything is possible.

This means that the American public has to wonder what’s in store for Harris and Emhoff in the near future. Will he let security do their job next time or is he going to be the protective husband that leaps into the line of fire anytime that there’s a perceived threat?

If he’s going to continue to jump in, it’s possible that Harris will lose some of her credibility for being a woman that can take care of herself.

Time will tell how Emhoff is going to handle himself throughout the campaign trail.

This event happened in her home state of California. It’s only a matter of time before she finds herself in more states across the country – and perhaps even more dangerous situations where someone is going to rush the stage to get something off their chest.

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