Is Mexico Stepping Up to Stop Migrants?

Mexican authorities have beefed up security on heavy traffic roads migrants travel in the south part of Mexico.  The authorities have stepped up their game to hold their end of the bargain on stopping illegal immigration as they stopped four trucks with almost 800 migrants in them.

The National Migration Institute deployed 1,000 agents to the north and south borders of Mexico.  Tuesday, Mexico placed 6,000 of their National Guard Troops at the southern border near Guatemala.  The United States has put pressure on Mexico, and they have answered with multiple arrests throughout last week into the weekend.

Soldiers are wearing black armbands to let everyone know they are the Mexican National Guard, and they are stopping vehicles all across Mexico with their stationed soldiers checking vehicles at the borders.

Immigration officials are checking for identifications and for any passengers without documents.  The National Guard is even going down back roads during the daytime and nighttime, rain or shine and arresting all human smugglers and migrants.

The National Migration Institute reported in the state of Veracruz, 791 people were arrested Saturday and taken to a migration facility.  The drivers of the 18-wheelers who were transporting the migrants were also arrested.

Many of the migrants in the trailers die along the route due to lack of food and water, or even air.  No one was reported deceased in the rig, but videos were released showing the officials on one of the cargo trucks breaking the locks off the doors and getting the migrants out of the trailer.

Francisco Garduno is the new commissioner and put forth the new strategy to capture migrants in the Veracruz area.  He is a former prison director and took office this past Friday and went straight to work.

Outside of Comitan Sunday, checkpoints and roadblocks were set up and manned by police and the National Guard.  Jose Angel Ramirez welcomed the new team of men who assisted him.  Ramirez stated, “We don’t have a way to stop so many, and the traffickers pass everywhere.

He was the only one at the checkpoint with no one else to help him.  This is why Mexico has so many illegal immigrants get through to our southern border and into America.  It literally took a business threat to make things happen.

It is a good thing to see happen, but this is something which should have happened a long time ago.  In just that short amount of time, five Hondurans were arrested because they did not have any paperwork.  Several hours later, they were transported to the migration facility.

Last year Mexico had seen the highest rate of murders in 20 years.  President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador became president on December first of last year and started up the Mexican National Guard to assist the police officers as a security force.

The organization is still in its growing process as its main goal is to put an end to the ongoing violence.  The Mexican President also sees it fit to use the National Guard as a key factor to rid the country of migrants.  With Mexico doing this, it will stop almost 90 percent of illegal immigrants from crossing our U.S. border.

Comitan locals say trucks bypass the area at night where they know checkpoints are.  Recently, they are putting up more roadblocks in an effort to cover more grounds.  Luis Guillermo Lechuga sells vest close by one of the checkpoints, and he says, “Everything will be the same.  Nobody leaves their country without problems.”

He was skeptical as he saw the rise of the security teams and felt the annoyance among travelers along with sympathy.

This has been an ongoing problem for over 20 years.  Drugs, human trafficking, violence, rapist, the Cartels, and murders have plagued Mexico and flooded across the border into the United States.  Democrats have allowed all this corruption for too long, and it is past time somebody did something about it.

Everyone with eyes can see when President Trump fought so hard for the wall, it was the Democrats who tried to stop him.  Everyone is so worried about the tariffs and the tariff threats which were going to fall onto Mexico.  It is a shame it has to take something like threats to make governments move, and politicians work for the people.  It took one businessman who was not afraid to make this happen.

The businessman just so happened to be the President of the United States of America!

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