Rocket Strikes Near Oil Fields

Tankers and oil fields are once again being targeted by terrorist organizations.

This past week a rocket was launched and hit an oil field in southern Iraq. The site is being used by several oil companies such as ExxonMobil. Reports are claiming that three people have been injured. Threats are coming in because of the tensions between the United States and Iran over the nuclear deal and sanctions.

So far there has been no claim of responsibility for the rockets hitting the oil fields. The rockets are said to have been aimed at hitting installations that are being occupied by the United States. Iran has previously threatened to target and attack installations that are the U.S. run in an attempt to push the Americans into negotiating a new deal.

President Trump pulled the United States out of the deal that included several other countries. The deal was aimed at getting Iran to stop producing uranium that was thought to be used in nuclear weapons.

There have been other rocket attacks that have hit near Baghdad and Mosul. There were no injuries but there is still a cause for alarm. One report noted that an Iran-backed group was responsible for some attacks.

This would coincide with the threats that Iran made regarding the targeting of U.S. installations.

The terrorist group is trying to send a message to the United States. The attack was pointed at an American based company. ExxonMobil continues to drill for oil in the region and will continue to do so. The sanctions placed on Iran by President Trump has forced other nations to keep from buying Iranian oil.

If a country violates the sanctions, they could face sanctions of their own. Iran has retaliated by asking other countries to help pressure the United States into removing the sanctions. Iran has threatened to start developing nuclear weapons if it does not happen.

Iran has stated that they do not want to go to war. The United States does not want war either but troops have been sent to the region to deal with escalated threats from Iran. The attacks are designed to show that chaos can happen at any moment.

It also shows that the region still does not have the stability that some people seek to think that it has. Many of the nations in the region do not want the tensions to get worse. But they also do not want to see Iran develop nuclear weapons.

The rockets that hit the oil fields were said to hit within meters of the resident’s area of the site. 21 Exxon employees were taken to Dubai where they are now safe. The launch site is thought to be farmland located a few miles from targets.

The mayor of Zubair, who is named Maher, stated “We cannot separate this from regional developments, meaning the U.S.-Iranian conflict, These incidents have political objectives … it seems some sides did not like the return of Exxon staff.”

The attacks have not slowed production. Officials are claiming that they will continue to produce oil. Most of the native staff will remain to work and operate the facility as normal. This the second time the Exxon company has had to pull its people.

Shell has said that they will continue to work as usual. The attacks have taken place in Iraq near the United States run installations. The installations have been military, diplomatic, and civilian in nature. It is possible that the attacks are a part of a large campaign that is finally in silent motion.

It can be expected that the attacks will continue until Iran and the United States come to some kind of agreement. Until such a time the tensions will continue to mount as the region begins to unravel.

President Trump stands by what he has said regarding Iran. He has proven that he is a person that does what he says he is going to do.

The lawmakers of the United States need to get behind the president with the handling of Iran in order to make the clearest show of strength and resolve.

14 thoughts on “Rocket Strikes Near Oil Fields”

  1. Good Luck with that! Iran has stated that it will not stop short of obliterating Israel…It teaches its impressionable young to learn that Jews are “pigs and jackasses”, and America is as bad or worse..
    Again, Satan’s Finest are showing their mad propensity for death and destruction. Chaos and death are their full menu.
    Until Iranians eliminate their stooges at the top and enjoin other countries, they really have little hope for the future.

  2. Iran just doesn’t understand spoken replies, and as time passes it appears that we and or our allies, will find it absolutely necessary to forcefully bring to their attention the ‘error of their’ ways’….

  3. Iran doesn’t know what they are asking for. If we have to attack, President Trump is NOT a puss and it will be a brutal attack, and a good share of Iran won’t exist anymore. I have said for a long time now we should NEVER fight another politically correct war, the only thing that happens is Americans are brutality injured or killed.NO more!

  4. Over the past years it has been a practice to “Walk Softly and Cary A Big Stick”, Well it is time to use that Big Stick. Light them up and let God sort them out!

  5. If this is not stopped they are and will be very unstable with this new and extremely lethal new toy for the “Bad Boys” of Iran. They have threatened to start developing nuclear weapons if it Trump does not give in on the sanctions and let their sales continue, then it is obvious Nuclear Grade Weapons will happen and then what will happen to the countries souring them and the winds that will carry the fallout from the IRAN Ignorance and arrogance of a radical group, this could and would be the end of a world ended by a Bully that is interested only in the ME, ME, ME syndrome of a self centered individual.

  6. Israel has 200 nukes targeting Iran (per Colin Powel 2015). US has thousands. Iran per inspectors, has none and has no bomb. Yet, somehow, Iran is the aggressor? This is either propaganda or ignorance.

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