OMG, She Said What? E. Jean Carroll’s Rape Claims Unravel

The first hint we have that E. Jean Carroll, an advice columnist who accused President Trump of sexually assaulting her in a dressing room of a lady’s clothing boutique, maybe a bit unusual happened when Anderson Cooper was interviewing her on his CNN show. Carroll mentioned, almost offhand, “I think most people think of rape as being sexy?”

Cooper, though clearly shocked at what he just heard, was quick thinking enough to go to commercial.

As it turns out, the appearance on CNN was not the first time that Carroll indulged in rape fantasies.

Summit News explains:

“The bizarre exchange occurred during a 1995 appearance by Carroll on Charlie Rose’s show. The topic of conversation veered into how, according to Carroll, women were obsessed with men.

“During the taping, fellow guest Jimmy Breslin commented, ‘Yeah but there’s a lot of rules, you can’t walk out of a cave with a club and drag a woman back.’

‘Jimmy, women love that’ remarked Carroll.

She then asked Charlie Rose: ‘When was the last time you took a big old club….?’

“The irony becomes somewhat darker given that Rose himself was later accused of abusive behavior and sexual harassment by no fewer than 35 women.”

Just for the record, any woman who thinks rape is sexy has a screw loose. Women who have survived sexual assault almost universally are traumatized by the experience and often suffer from PTSD as a result even decades later.

Any man who thinks rape is sexy is dangerous and in deathly need of mental health counseling. A case in point is Bernie Sanders, who in 1972 wrote an essay that suggested that both men and women fantasize about violent rape!

PJ Media commented:

“I can’t say I understand what he was trying to convey, other than he has some very sick personal fantasies and was probably smoking something funny. Maybe you have to have an Ivy League degree to understand it, but to me, it just sounded like libertine brain-vomit. Is the man in this scenario Sanders? Writers write from experience, so is he telling us that his fantasy is an abused woman on her knees, tied up and violated? It sure seems like it.”

On the other hand, no one has accused the fiery socialist from Vermont of anything resembling sexual assault.

Carroll is not the first woman to have accused Trump of behavior ranging from inappropriate to borderline felonious. He boasted in the infamous Hollywood Access tape that he was able to grope women with impunity. In the first instance, the president has denied everything. As for the Access Hollywood Tape revelations, Trump dismissed them as “locker room talk.”

#MeToo started as a needed disinfectant for powerful men like Harvey Weinstein who abused women with impunity. However, the movement has quickly morphed into a political weapon to get at men for their politics, innocent or not.

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh got the full taste of dubious accusations of sexual misconduct when he was undergoing his confirmation hearings.

President Trump has gotten multiple accusations, most of which have withered in the light of close examination. E. Jean Carroll has been no exception. Besides waiting over 25 years to levy the accusation, Carroll trotted her story out just in time to sell a book.

The question arises, why not contact law enforcement the moment the alleged attack? The standard answer is that anyone who has been assaulted by a rich and powerful man has reason to fear the consequences of such an action.

On the other hand, Carroll had every opportunity to reveal what she says happened during the 2016 election cycle and failed to do so.

The big problem with Carroll’s story is that it doesn’t seem to fit Trump’s MO. Trump has been the subject of tabloid stories since he was a playboy real estate developer in the early 1980s, but his flings, which resulted in two divorces, seemed to have been consensual.

Only when he decided to run for president that some of the ugly stories came to light.

Everyone has the right of presumption of innocence, even a president of the United States.

Without anything resembling proof, one has to categorize Carroll’s story as being dubious at best, likely a fantasy, considering her opinions of the sexiness of rape, at most.

In any case, it looks like even the media has dropped the matter, not worth even the effort of taking Trump down.

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