United States Seeks to Put Together a Protection Force

Iran has continued to threaten to attack key targets in and around the region. In response to recent attacks, the United States has proposed an international Gulf protection force to protect the shipping industry from Iranian attacks. The proposal is being put together alongside President Trump announcing new sanctions on Iran.

Talks have opened up with allies of the United States in an attempt to gain the support of the new protection force that will protect the shipping industry in the Gulf of Oman. The protection force would be tasked with protecting ships and crews from terrorist attacks aimed at building tensions against the United States.

Brian Hook, who has been holding talks with allies of the United States, has said “There have been too many attacks. We could have had an environmental disaster and extensive loss of life due to reckless Iranian provocations. One oil tanker can produce a major spill in the area which can disrupt shipping for months to come.”

There are 17 different countries that are affected by the threat of attacks. Hook believes the G20 summit would be a good place to talk about such a force. The 18 countries are facing the effects of higher insurance, crew issues, and event threats from potential attacks. Iran is not being selective in their methods of attacks. When the time comes for an attack it just happens.

Brian Hook also stated, “They can either start coming to the negotiating table or they can watch their economy continue to crumble.” He is referencing the fact that Iran has not had any desire to come to the negotiating table. The pressure that Iran has been facing from the sanctions has pressed them into a corner.

They either begin to work with other nations and become a partner in protecting the world, or they face severe sanctions that will bring them to their knees.

China and Japan are already taking steps to protect their own tankers. President Trump has said “Why are we protecting the shipping lanes for other countries …for zero compensation. All of these countries should be protecting their own ships on what has always been a dangerous journey.”

President Trump is 100% correct in his statement. The United States is not in the business of protecting the world. Other nations need to step up to protect their own interests from terror and threats of attacks.

Mike Pompeo, who is the current secretary of state, has met with leaders of Saudi Arabia in an attempt to develop an alliance to stand against Iran. The meeting appeared to be a success as the leaders were in high spirits by the end of the talks. Pompeo stated “We’re prepared to negotiate with no preconditions. They know how to find us.”

Iran is operating under the belief that they will not talk to the United States until the sanctions are lifted. The President may have called off an attack on Iran, but he is not backing off on the idea of new sanctions that are scheduled to be put into effect.

The current sanctions have placed a ban on Iran being able to export its oil to potential buyers.

Brain Hook is set to speak with European leaders about the idea of leaving the current Iranian nuclear agreement. More nations need to take a stand and pull out in order to send a clear message to Iran that they will not stand for being bullied into an agreement that is severely lopsided.

Most of the nations still in the deal want the tensions to come down and the attacks to stop. The issue remains as to what they are willing to do in order to see a better agreement come to the table. Iran has so far stood its ground and refused to negotiate with the United States.

President Trump is ready to meet the challenge head-on and impose even stronger sanctions if Iran does not talk.

The idea of tanker force is the right thing to help protect tankers and other ships in the region to have a safe trip. More nations need to step up and provide a balance to the idea in order to see it come to life.

The United States is ready to help but other nations need to take responsibility for their own fleets.

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