McConnell Rejects Latest House Bill

The Devious Democrats are hiding their true agenda once again as they send a border bill over to the Senate for the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to look at. The current attempt by the Democrats to insert what they want instead of what the people of America want has been intercepted by the watchful eyes of Mitch McConnell.

The Democrats think that they can actually hide their true agenda from people. McConnell has rejected the Democrats worthless bill because he noticed the bill actually reduces the funding that is used to fight illegal immigration.

The delirious Democrats want to see open borders so all people from around the world can walk right in and take what they want at the expense of the American people. Mitch McConnell stated from the Senate floor that “It’s not going to happen.” The Democrats hope of winning future elections with illegal votes will never happen.

The Senate has taken the initiative and devised an alternative plan that has strong Democratic and Republican support. Now if the Senate can achieve this under Republican control, then why can’t the House get their at together? The answer is that the power hungry Democrats want absolute control over everything.

Before McConnell rejected the bill the House Rules Committee approved a bill that actually put together all the concerns floating around the room. It even includes several progressive add-ons that were vital to acquiring bipartisan support. With the Senate bill, everyone wins.

But the Democrats in the House must come from a different breed of Democrats as they seek to do away with funding that would help the military control the illegal immigration efforts of people trying to sneak across the border. The House bill would also cut funding from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement department also known as ICE. This internal department is responsible for enforcing the laws on people found living in the country illegally. Their job is dangerous, and they should receive the support they need to do their job effectively.

But the Democrats do not want them around deporting or detaining any illegal aliens because in some weird Democratic fashion they need their votes. Never before have so many elections been contested by crying Democrats than the past few elections. When a Democrat loses they contest the results and hold up final count until they are sure all their smuggled votes have been accounted for.

Mitch McConnell is adamant when he warns the House that “If House Democrats send the Senate some partisan effort to disrupt our bipartisan progress, we will simply move to table it. The United States Senate is not going to pass a border funding bill that cuts the money for ICE and the Department of Defense.” And the entire country cheers for McConnell for protecting the nation.

What the Democrats in the House could not the Republicans and Democrats in the Senate did do by passing a $4.6 billion border bill with an 84-8 vote just one day earlier. What a shame that the Democrats in the House cannot get along with their fellow representatives, let alone themselves, long enough to come up with a solution that makes everyone happy.

The House Democrats think they have all the power as they try to block President Trump from deporting people using ICE and the military. But what the Senate has just done is performed a reality check on the House showing them that true power is split between three branches of government. A lesson they should have learned in grade school. The House Democrats are acting like spoiled grade-schoolers on a mission to run the principle’s office.

Pelosi is being encouraged by McConnell to seriously look at the Senate bill and to stop playing games with the issue. It is time for Pelosi to grow a backbone and stand up to the children in her own party. She would have enough votes along with the Republicans to put the socialist children in the House to bed over this border bill. McConnell wants the House to pass the bill, so they can move on to other important things. This is a bill that provides a win for every person. Even those in the detention centers as their situation improves dramatically.

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