Ivanka Goes to North Korea With Trump

President Donald Trump became the first sitting US president to enter North Korea this weekend when he entered the Demilitarized Zone to meet with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un.

Few Westerners, or those from eastern nations for that matter, have been allowed to enter the so-called ‘hermit kingdom’ in decades.

The president called it a “big moment,” as hostility between the two countries has remained in place since the Korean War. Kim even called the president courageous for agreeing to meet with him and said: “I never expected to meet you in this place.”

“It was a very positive day, a very positive event. I think it’s really good for the world,” Trump told the press.

The two sat and talked for about 45 minutes, after which President Trump told reporters that he and Kim had restarted negotiations to denuclearize the Korean peninsula. He said that while these nuclear talks are expected to begin within the coming weeks, “We’re not looking for speed, we’re looking to get it right.”

The president also invited Kim to come to the White House to continue the talks at “any time.”

In attendance with Mr. Trump was his oldest daughter and White House advisor Ivanka Trump, as well as her husband, Jared Kushner, and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Ivanka describes the crossing of the border into North Korea as “surreal.”

She was also in attendance during the G20 economic summit in Japan, as well as at her father’s side for an address to US troops in South Korea and a meeting with South Korean business leaders.

Though not everyone thinks her prominent role was a good idea.

Former US ambassador to South Korea and other nations Christopher R. Hill says that anyone who accompanies the president on trips abroad is considered to be someone of great political importance and someone to watch and listen to carefully. However, in bringing Ivanka, “it looks to the rest of the world like we have a kind of constitutional monarchy.” He adds, “it’s increasingly problematic in terms of our credibility.”

And he isn’t the only one who thought such.

Liberal socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted that “being someone’s daughter actually isn’t a career qualification.”

And while she may be somewhat accurate in this statement, she sounds like a jealous schoolgirl.

No, Ivanka may not be the most influential member of the White House, but she is a member none the less. And one that is accomplishing good things for our nation and others. The G20 summit, after all, was designed to discuss economic issues, which Ivanka is well versed in.

Ms. Trump is well-known for her work in promoting skill development and economic empowerment for women in the workplace; something AOC herself has also claimed to do. Since Ms. Trump’s time in the White House, that role has only expanded, giving her the ability to reach nations like India and Ethiopia where women’s rights are not nearly what they are here in the US. In Ethiopia, for example, she is pushing for the right for women to be able to own and inherit their own land.

She used the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan to forward these efforts as well, where she spoke of the issues women face in the work environment and the need to change this social justice matter. She said during her speech to a forum called the Special Event on Women’s Empowerment, “Every nation, including the United States, can – and should – do more” to address such problems.

Surely even “crazy AOC,” as some have called her, should be able to get on board with that. But no, once again, her complete lack of respect for our president and anyone and everything he is involved with has clouded her judgment.

Instead of pointing out the good that came from this trip, all she and the rest of the liberals can seem to want to do is focus on their own corrupt goals and how they can bring down our current leaders.

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