Muslim’s Entitlement Plan Backfires

One of the major requirements to stay on the food stamp program is to actively search and find a job. It is a benefit which has been all too often abused and robbed. When looking for a job, common sense tells a person not to wear a mask to cover up your face.

Our faces are the first feature people see and also makes the first impression on a hiring manager. Unless there is an open wound on the face, there is no reason to cover up your face with a cloth, or mask. One woman who happens to be Muslim decided she was going to wear her Muslim hijab and claimed it was her right because it was her religion.

She used this excuse stating she could not find a job due to she had to keep her face covered, and no one would hire her. This lady remained on the food stamp program and refused to remove her face mask to get a job. I guess she thought it would fall under discrimination since no one would hire her.

Her plan to stay on the benefits backfired when a judge and the government cracked down on her. Food stamps are meant for the poverty-stricken and people with hard times. It is not meant to live as a source of income. Food Stamps are meant to be temporary.

Wearing a face mask because your religion tells you too does not make a person needy, and it does not make a person go through hard times.

Muslims are not the only ones who abuse the system. Lazy bums and Liberals who think they are entitled to everything for free and feel like the world owes them something are the ones who ruin a good thing for people who truly need this assistance.

The Netherlands is another place where government assistance is available, and it is no different for those people. When this Muslim woman was told by the workforce to remove her hijab to get a job in the workforce, she sued the workplace and lost her case and was denied benefits.

There are multiple cases in the U.S. just like this one where excuses are found and made just so the person does not have to work. She lived two full years on welfare when the government finally caught on. The Utrecht’s Department of Work and Income told her, she “must get a job if she wants to continue collecting taxpayer benefits.”

It was reported through the city council, “[T]he woman told the city council that she should not be expected to find work because her beliefs require her to wear the face-covering niqab, which is banned in the workplace.

Unfortunately for her, the department wasn’t going to be forced by the Muslim woman’s entitlement, responding to her demand by first stripping her of 30 percent of her benefits and further cutting them by 10 percent each month that she remains unemployed.”

The case did not end there. She sued, lost, and then appealed. The appeal was also denied as this was reported, “[T]he Central Appeals court not only refused her appeal but ruled that the department may deny benefits to all able-bodied Muslims who cite their religious beliefs as an excuse to remain unemployed.”

Inside the Netherlands, they are cracking down just like President Trump is cracking the bullwhip to end this criminal act in America. The court said in a nutshell, “Wearing a niqab interferes with gaining access to the labor market, which puts unnecessary pressure on public funds.”

Everyone has a right to their religion, but the problem comes when they use it as an excuse not to get a job. The problem also occurs when they feel they have more rights than we do in our own country. This is America, not Muslim territory!

They are free to worship their way but not take over our way of life! If that is the case, then they need to pack up and leave back to where they came from.

If we are to survive as a culture, then we must remain steadfast and put an end to all this junk about how everyone outside of this country has more rights than we do. The Netherlands is not playing around and neither is President Trump!

This is one thing we share in common, but things like this are happening all over the world. This is what President Trump has pushed to end and will continue through 2024!

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