Texas and Georgia Laugh at Democrats Bid on Political Maps

Just a few hours after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled they could not end the partisan gerrymandering of political maps of America, Eric H. Holder Jr. delivered a message in Dallas to his fellow dumb Democrat friends. He stated, “Texas is a place where we have to win. This is doable. This is possible.” Holder was the attorney general when Obama was president.

Many thought he was after the 2020 presidential election, but no, he was talking about the nine seats the Democratic party needs to flip control in the Texas House of Representatives. There seems to be nothing Democrats can do in the face of the public to get their way since everything they have tried has failed up to this point.

Everything they do to try and stop conservatives and to stop President Trump ends up exposing themselves in the process. This makes it hilarious and interesting at the same time. So, they have to around and behind the scenes. The funny thing is, they still expose themselves because they are a bunch of desperate dummies.

In the wake of the presidential campaigning, everyone seems to be focused on, the gerrymandering ruling raised the bar for the legislative races within the states. Many of these are overlooked by voters but it can change the directions on major topics such as education to abortion rights.

In many states, whatever party gains control of the legislature has the power to draw the political maps which come once per decade. After the census is processed, it allows the setting of district boundaries for congressional and state elections. This can tilt the power of the parties either way and is something Democrats are counting on to gain political access of Texas.

Why else would most of the illegal immigrants be in Texas more than any other state? Conservatives in Texas know this and will do whatever they can to stop it. This is why the border wall is so important. Both parties have begun their campaigns early this year for this reason.

Austin J. Chambers, who is the president of the Republican State Leadership Committee stated, “We’re going to make sure we do everything we can to influence the elections because the future of the party for the next 10 years depends on it.”

In 2010, the Republicans swept through the state of Texas and in many state capitols across the United States. This is why Democrats are so desperate to gain control so they can draw new maps or stop a new set of gerrymandered maps. Joanna Cattanach is one Democrat who is running for a State House district seat in Dallas stated, “We’re going to be talking about redistricting constantly. There is an added urgency. There’s a new talking point.”

Since the judges ruling last week, lawmakers have taken an initiative to push forward in a powerful race for control. Jennifer Carnahan who is the chairwoman of the Minnesota Republican Party sent out this email across the board, “If our party doesn’t maintain the State Senate at a minimum, we know the lines will be gerrymandered outrageously by the Democrats and our likelihood to win legislative and congressional seats in this state may be lost for a decade or more to come.”

Democrats are pushing to gain control within at least one of the legislative chambers in North Carolina, Georgia, and Texas to win full control of Minnesota and Virginia. They are focusing on the big cities within these states to gain the upper hand. Democrats are optimistic but it may just be a false hope because Republicans lead by a wide margin and these states are heavy Republican states. Many find it hilarious the Democrats are even trying.

This is like the story of “The Tortoise and the Hare.” John Findlay who is the executive director of the Republican Party of Virginia stated, “The House is still very much in play, but it is going to be tougher.”

It is not a race to be taken lightly by Republicans because there are more Democrats than there used to be, no thanks to the illegal immigrants and the poor blind bastards who vote for them. Republicans are having cookouts for residents in multiple communities with free hot dogs or hamburgers. Mr. Chambers who is a leader for the Republicans’ national effort, laughed out loud along with other Republicans.
He was questioned about Democrats gaining control of Texas and Georgia, he stated, “Bring it on!”

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