Booker Now Trying to Use a Bill to Stop Census Question

Crooked Cory Booker is trying to stop the citizenship question from appearing on the document. He is making the false claim that the question will give Republicans an advantage in 2020. This is a claim that he has failed to prove with hardcore fact. Something the Democrats are unable to do. The truth of the matter is that booger Booker and his crooked party are the ones that have been receiving an advantage because of the illegals voting for Democrats.

The bill that booger Booker is trying to introduce would ban the U.S. Census Bureau from including citizenship information on the 2020 document. The information is used to help set the new boundaries of voting maps for future elections. It is the document that provides the number each state can have for representatives in the House of Representatives. The Democrats are scared of this question because they know that the maps will finally represent the truth of voters by excluding illegals out of the count.

The question will definitely have a positive impact on the way voters can exercise their power because now it will not be mixed with a bunch of illegal voters. The Democrats do not want that to happen because they know they will lose every election for decades to come. One person noted that the question would be “advantageous to Republicans and Non-Hispanic Whites.” This has nothing to do with a persons nationality or the color of their skin.

It has to do with making a broken system right and fixing a longstanding problem that the Democrats want in place, so they can continue to cheat at elections. It is time to investigate the Democrats for voter fraud.

Booger Booker’s bill will never see the light of day because the Republicans are going to block his illegal attempt to keep things the way they are. The Democrats are accusing the Republicans of hurting people for their own gain, but they have already done just that very thing.

Many of them refused to help the very ones that would vote for them by not providing aid to the southern border. The Democrats use and abuse people for their own personal gain. They even threaten little girls because their feelings are hurt to face themselves in a mirror.

Booger Booker needs to drop the racism card and try to get a win based on fact. The problem is that there are no facts that he can legally stand on. Just like the fake pictures that his party tried to use at the border, this bill is based on biased facts that are proving to be lies. The Democratic Party has become a bunch of cry baby liars that will do anything to anyone in order to stay in power.

The effort to get the question put on the census is far from over. Even though the Supreme Court has ruled it should stay off does not mean that the president has to obey their ruling. The Supreme Court does not dictate law all it does is interpret the law. President Trump would not be the first president in history to defy a ruling of the Supreme Court. President Trump needs to use his executive powers once again in order to make voting fair in America once again.

Booker needs to blow his nose and take a seat and stop trying to be a fake hero. The question exposes the fraud that the Democrats are trying to hide, so they do not get caught. They need the votes of illegals in order to maintain their seats in the government of the United States.

Of course, when they lose those seats in 2020 the world will see the United States rise in power and dominance once again. Booker is scared that he will not be in the Senate for much longer. America would be better off without his influence in the Senate because he stands for what is wrong with America today.

President Trump has been trying to fix the problems that the Democrats have created. He has spent three years cleaning up the world mess they have created. The Republican Party has been laughing their heads off recently at the Democratic Party because the joke is on them. The Democrats are the joke that everyone loves to laugh about.

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