House Democrats are Proud of Their Defense Bill

The delusional Democrats actually believe they have accomplished something tangible. They have patted themselves on the back with a defense bill that would fund the military and other defense areas with an amount of $733 billion. This may seem like a large amount but the selfish Democrats in the House did not consult or listen to what anyone else in the House, Senate or the White House had to say about what the budget bill needed to include in order to be signed into law.

This is the problem with the Democratic Party is that they believe that no other opinions matter and they can blindly move forward thinking they have the votes needed to pass their ridiculous bill. Every single Republican voted against the bill because it is a lopsided bill that does not reflect an effort to work with other people. President Trump will veto the bill because every single Republican has voted against the bill.

The dorky Democrats thought they were on top of the world just because the got the terrorists of the AOC and other progressives to vote with them. As if a progressives vote really matters. What needed to happen was Republican support. The bill does not cover anything that is important to the Republican Party. The idiotic bill keeps the president from taking military action against Iran. This alone shows that the Democrats are in favor of terrorism and not in favor of their own country.

The dumb bill also keeps Trump from building the border wall. It also limits the advancement of space technology and other important issues that would only help America stay great for years to come. But the Democrats are so blind to the reality that they actually believe that they have scored the golden nugget. They believe that the bill is the greatest thing to happen since the took the House. It is great that they finally did something but overall it was a worthless effort and attempt.

The Democrats really designed the bill to allow them to have control for years to come as they would be given oversight of matters that happen at the Pentagon. That alone is the stupidest part of the bill. The Democrats actually are trying to control matters that the president should be over. They are trying to seize power that the constitution never allows them to have.

The bill is a Democratic embarrassment to the party as a whole. It just proves that they cannot work with other people. The demonic Democrats are trying to ignore and operate without including the Republican Party. This is something they will regret when the Republican Party takes back the House in 2020.

The Republicans have voiced their concerns over being left out of the mix when the bill was drafted. The delusional Democrats have denied the allegations but the bill proves all the claims from the Republicans.

The Democrats are looking for ways to stop the president from being successful. They actually want to try to keep the president from going to war with Iran unless they approve of the act. The problem is that they would never approve of the war declaration even if the Iranian leader was holding a gun to their head because they hate President Trump that much. The deceptive Democrats and their socialist cousins of the AOC need to be put out of the county.

The Senate has also developed a bill that makes the House bill look like a cartoon. The Senate bill is a bipartisan bill that proves the Republicans are willing to work with Democrats even though the Democrats are not willing to work with anyone else. The Senate bill is actually one that the president will likely sign. The House Democrats are a bunch of babies that do not deserve to serve the people of the United States. They will lose in 2020 and the Republicans will take care of fixing the mess that they have created in the past two years.

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