Far left House Members Demand Ouster of Pelosi

Even with President Trump tweetstorm directed at the four radical members of Congress known collectively as “the squad” the war against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has gone unabated. A group of far-left activists with ties to the four female members, with at least their tacit support, are demanding Pelosi’s ouster not only from the speakership but from Congress.

As the Washington Times explains, a group called Netroots Nation, which recently held its annual convention, is mad that Pelosi won’t pull the trigger on impeachment.

“In the clash between Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, liberal activists at the Netroots Nation convention overwhelmingly sided with the young congresswoman, so much so that they want Mrs. Pelosi to leave Congress altogether.

“Some far-left activists said they already had made campaign contributions to Shahid Buttar, a lawyer running against Mrs. Pelosi in the 2020 Democratic primary with the slogan “Resistance for Real.”

“She’s going to get left in the dust,’ Kristiana Faddoul, a 23-year-old environmental activist from Los Angeles, said of the House speaker. ‘Is AOC a little radical? Yes, but it’s the urgency that we need.”

“Others described Mrs. Pelosi, a longtime representative of a San Francisco district, as out of touch and antagonistic toward a new generation of Democratic leaders. They also agreed with Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s claim that the speaker is engaging in “explicit singling-out of newly elected women of color” in the Democratic caucus for criticism.”

The four women who make up “the squad”, including Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley, held a press conference in which they demanded that President Trump be impeached because of his incendiary tweets. The tweet demanded that they go back to where they came from, fix them, and then come back and inform the rest of us how they did it. The tweets have been unfairly characterized as being racist. On the other hand, the gentleladies did not indicate where in the Constitution it states that being mean on social media is an impeachable offense.

Nancy Pelosi has her shortcomings as an officeholder, as everyone knows, but she had forgotten more about politics that all four members of the squad will ever know. She knows, just as readily as the sun rises in the east, that impeachment proceedings against the president, absent any real crimes, would ensure Trump’s reelection and likely the loss of the Democratic majority in the House. In any case, the Senate, controlled by Republicans, would never vote to convict. Pelosi remembers how badly the Republicans suffered when they impeached Bill Clinton. Clinton was guilty of impeachment and obstruction of justice, both impeachable offenses.

Trump is continuing to troll the squad, calling them anti-Americans and accusing them of saying vile things. The president’s strategy is multifaceted.

First, he is defining the four members of Congress whom increasing numbers of voters in swing districts believe are the face of the Democratic Party. Voters, unlike their Twitter followers, do not like them at all.

Second, Trump is forcing Pelosi into a Hobson’s choice. If she springs to defend her unruly members, she will have buttressed the idea that they are indeed the face of the Democratic Party. If she distances herself from them, Pelosi will allow the turmoil and sniping to continue in her caucus.

Third. Trump would like to see the four House members of the Apocalypse join in on the effort to oust Pelosi from the House. Absent the Speaker’s caving on the matter of impeachment, this development is almost certain to occur.

A primary attempt against Pelosi is not likely to succeed, though stranger things have happened as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who overthrew a member of the House leadership, can attest to. But the effort is likely to be a distraction. It will also serve to be a catalyst for Pelosi trying to find people who will primary her tormentors.

All these developments suggest that Trump and House Republicans may have an opportunity to move some legislation through Congress. Contrary to the boasting of AOC and others, the Democrats owe their House majority due to the election of several nominal moderate members. They know that their political careers depend on getting things done, not engaging in a civil war. The House Republicans can combine with relatively moderate Democrats and start moving legislation. Such a development would be the final insult for Speaker Pelosi.

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