Gun Rights Supporters Make a Statement… So Does Missing Media

It isn’t uncommon for events of great importance to have the power to draw people together. Often, these issues are important enough to pull people from all over the country. These issues could be about racial and social equality or human rights for example, and they can be magnetizing.

So when an event is important and powerful enough to draw someone from every single state in the country, well that is generally a big deal. In this case, that big deal was about gun rights. Advocates from every state came to Washington D.C. at a rally and met with legislators to discuss the issues.

What makes this story even more interesting is that it was organized by women. Not only was this gun-rights rally organized by women it was also to specifically support gun rights for women. Of course, you probably already know a bit about the DC Project already so – wait, you haven’t heard of it?

Certainly, you have? Empowered by the organization A Girl & A Gun (AG&AG)? No? Nothing?

That almost doesn’t seem possible, right? We are talking about the 2nd Amendment. We are talking about gun ownership by women and a move to defend the 2nd Amendment, by women. Admittedly, I wasn’t aware of this event either. I also am guilty of having been preconditioned by society to automatically connect gun ownership with men. So yes, this is a newsworthy event and this organization is doing great things.

In my defense, however, I haven’t heard or seen any press or media coverage about this event. I haven’t caught any news clips or soundbites about organizations like AG&AG. The more I thought about that fact, the more this became about that fact. Maybe I should more accurately say, about the lack of facts and reporting from the mass media or press.

These women came together for many reasons and one of those reasons was to help representatives and politicians put a face behind the facts. Facts like, according to CDC statistics (and on the conservative side), guns are used more than 200,000 times a year to defend life or prevent a crime.

As these women tell their stories, about how a handgun (or in some unfortunate cases would have) prevented a crime, a rape, an abduction… a murder, these statistics become truth. The truth is, these statistics aren’t numbers, but people. That was where this was headed, and that is still an important story but what about the non-stories?

What about those 200,000 cases, no people, who had a harrowing experience where a firearm was involved? It seems that if a hunter grazes their leg from an accidental discharge, reports of handgun dangers are on every front page of every major syndicate. If, however, an assailant or rapist is thwarted by a man or woman brandishing a weapon…?

These lack of stories seem to be a bigger story than we might even realize, and that is the primary problem, we don’t. We don’t think of it because we don’t see it and we don’t see it because – and therein lies the question.

We have seen enough of the reports on how biased and controlled the media is when studies were done on the reporting of past Presidential candidates and Presidents. This same media, the very one supporting the agenda of their party, isn’t about to start toting pro-handgun content. It would seem anti-gun control to start celebrating those 200,000 times a year handguns proved their worth, saved a life, prevented a crime.

Maybe, if I were an editor, it might be in the best interest of everyone to bump that story back, say five or six pages. Perhaps it would be best, for all interested parties, to keep those stories on the local network levels.

Sound a little bit on the conspiracy theorist-side, right? I know it does but were you aware that the DC Project was taking place? Have you heard of AG&AG? How many of those 200,000 plus handgun incidents have you heard about?


The reality of this situation is much less about a far-reaching conspiracy theory and more about money and power. Like the money and power the runs television, radio, and news outlets. It is about being citizens who are aware, informed and simply pro America.

There was a group of women in the Capitol this past week and they are the kind of people we should stand behind. They are the kind of spirits and hearts that we should see and read about. So in the end, this really is a story about these women and our 2nd Amendment rights. This is a story about you and me – and our right to hear and be heard.

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