Economy Thriving Under Trump’s Leadership

It is essentially the barometer of every U.S. President. Minus those rare occasions when we must determine the mettle of our leader during wartime, the economy is the standard measuring stick of every President. This isn’t a revelation to anyone.

Every election year when people all over the country are polled, the economy is consistently among the top concerns and priorities. Of course, what else would the wealthiest, most powerful and affluent country in the world be concerned about? As a world leader, it is hard to justify that role if we can’t keep our people employed and educated.

We also know it is our willingness to work, our passion for education and our love of America that makes us great. Trump campaigned on the slogan “make America great again” and the ability to work is a big part of that plan. Hard work is one of the foundations this country was built on. So it is no surprise that the economy and employment are the hallmarks of every successful president.

That all leads us to the current conversation and with the upcoming election now upon the horizon you might ask how is President Trump doing? Many of you probably already know and the results speak for themselves. According to the White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow, the economy is experiencing a “strong prosperity boom… .” Kudlow, speaking to Fox affiliates, said in regards to the thriving economy that, “every data point shows that.”

What may be even more impressive is where those economic gains are being seen. “…It is precisely the bottom half, in some cases the lowest 10 percent, that have actually done the very best in this economy,” Kudlow stated on Monday. Those who know the business mind behind the man we call President Trump aren’t surprised.

Have you heard the cries of fear and the alarms being sounded by the Democrats lately? Our trade relationships with countries like China and India are now strained. This is going to have dire consequences on our country, this is going to…?

According to the numbers and according to the facts, it appears that we don’t need to rely so heavily on foreign relations for our own prosperity. Apparently, we are doing just fine as evidenced by consumer spending reports, GDP numbers, and every other worthwhile counting marker.

In the tradition of Democratic rhetoric, we are going to hear many what if’s but we won’t ever hear what or how “is.” Like what is the country doing right now, or how is the country doing right now. No, not when it doesn’t benefit their agenda and certainly not when we are thriving as a nation. Job growth, check. Consumer spending, up. The stock market, booming. No, we aren’t in a perfect position and yes there is still plenty of work to be done. Sure we want to repair our relationships with other countries and have good trade relationships.

The truth is, however, we are doing very well and we can finish this job if we can just get on the same page. Trump has proven to be more than capable of steering the ship. He has shown a shrewd and smart business sense and has even begun changing how we are viewed by the world in the arena of business. Now, comes the hardest part of the job, reaching across the aisle to find some common ground. If he can do that then the United States may be stronger than it has ever been, and we may be a world power like history has never seen.

Realistically though, that will probably take another four years – and I think there are quite a few people who would be good with that. Four more years of continued economic growth and prosperity and four more years of becoming more dependent on American made goods and less dependent on the work, goods, and imports from other countries. That sounds like a plan to make America great again and to continue thriving under the leadership of President Donald J Trump.

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