Two GOP Senators Want Antifa Activists Labeled “Domestic Terrorist”

Antifascist, better known as Antifa, was the hot topic of choice among two Republican Senators. Sponsored by Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican from Texas and pushed by Senator Bill Cassidy, a Republican from Louisiana, the nonbinding resolution was introduced Antifa would be known as “domestic terrorist.” This group is known for the radical activist who criticizes President Trump and Conservatives by the use of violence.

Senator Bill Cassidy stated, “Antifa are terrorists, violent masked bullies who ‘fight fascism’ with actual fascism, protected by Liberal privilege. Bullies get their way until someone says no. Elected officials must have courage, not cowardice, to prevent terror.”

Naturally, someone of the lowest IQ has to speak up and put down what makes sense. These are “domestic terrorist.” The Director of National Security project at the American Civil Liberties Union, Hina Shamsi told journalists she is not for the idea of labeling Antifa as a domestic terrorist group. Go figure. She stated, “It is dangerous and overly broad to use labels that are disconnected [from] actual individual conduct. And as we’ve seen how ‘terrorism’ has been used already in this country, any such scheme raises significant due process, equal protection, and First Amendment constitutional concerns.”

Why is she concerned about “constitutional concerns?” Everyone has a right to speak their minds, but no one has a right to do the damage this group does to others and their properties, including the government properties. Just recently, an Antifa member was killed while throwing firebombs at an ICE facility and vehicles. Is that not terrorism?

Senator Ted Cruz said the resolution would not change the law. It would cite the Antifa activist who blocks the roads at an ICE office and for “doxing” ICE officials by making their personal information public by posting online. Both Senators pointed out Andy Ngo, who is a journalist who was left in a pool of his own blood by the group in Portland, Oregon. Is that not terrorism?

Last week, Representative Brian Fitzpatrick, a Republican from Pennsylvania forwarded a letter to Attorney General William Barr, requesting he designate the group as a domestic terrorist and to rebuke Ngo’s attack. Conservatives have stated the group is a dangerous force, and the Conservative media from Fox News, Laura Ingraham and Michael Knowles has been labeling Antifa as terrorists while the National Review magazine labeled them as “violent thugs.”

Going all the way back to the violence which broke out in Charlottesville in 2017, the senators brought up how President Trump asked whether “the alt-left” felt guilty. “The alt-left” is a term given by conservatives to the left-wing activists who use violence to get their points across. At the beginning of this month, the group was defused in Washington D.C., where the police had to use force to stop the violence from escalating.

Then there are the everyday liberals who defend Antifa. The group has been called a “monolith,” but it is not one group of people involved. It is a collection of networks, groups, and individuals who support aggression and violence toward the far right. This is why the liberals are raising concerns.

The Patriot Act clarifies this situation into clearer terms, the Act explains, “A group commits domestic terrorism by committing crimes dangerous to human life that seem meant to intimidate the public, influence government policy by coercion or affect the government’s conduct by mass destruction, assassination or kidnapping.”

The FBI splits domestic terrorism into four categories, anti-government, racially motivated, abortion-related, and environmental. Last year, in 2018, there were 120 reported by the FBI who was arrested on domestic terrorism charges. Is that not what we have going on here today?

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is an organization opposing anti-Semitism. They claim to mislabel Antifa as a domestic terrorist group could pose a threat to the civil rights allowing police to violate the rights of the peaceful activist. That is the biggest crock! The ADL will still call the violent tactics wrong, but they do not compare Antifa to white supremacist groups. They wrote a statement claiming, “The Antifa reject racism but use unacceptable tactics. White supremacists use even more extreme violence to spread their ideologies of hate, to intimidate ethnic minorities, and undermine democratic norms.”

So all we as Conservatives hear is excuses. The Left will not defend Antifa to be called “domestic terrorist” as labeled by The Patriot Act. So why won’t they defend it? Because they are the ones behind the curtains pulling the strings.

39 thoughts on “Two GOP Senators Want Antifa Activists Labeled “Domestic Terrorist””

  1. I think that Bergdahl’s sentence was to light he endangered an entire paltoon, I was in the military and think for all the harm he caused he should be in jail forever people died trying to faind a trator, which by umcj he should have been shot. The apollomoon landing was shown to be true over ten hours of investagative tv.I will not comment on sandes, nor aoc and her squad, dress in musslem garp to deliver a speech in the house and call the US a terrible place to live, they should be terminated

  2. This is correct. No group has the right to destroy anything. Free speech and demonstrations are a part of the fabric of America. However, free speech is not a right to destroy or to physically hurt others.

  3. all four of the so called females of color should be censored by the house to shut up and stick to politics that will make America great again – not give these four muslims headlines – if they hate our way of life so badly,hen as the President has inferred, go back where your roots began and spouit off as you are doing here – you might lose your head

  4. Yes Antifa is without doubt a domestic terrorist group that needs to be stopped they are the 21st century KKK!

  5. The lady (I use the term loosely) named Rashida Tiliab is one the women included in that group President spoke of, but used NO NAMES, needs to be banned from Congress for her radical views against President Trump and our nation as a whole. She has not got a leg to stand on, neither has her cohorts that want to see The President impeached. The President has been good for our country, and for our economy. More could be done by him for our nation, if people like this woman would just step out if his way. The naysayers and the haters of our President needs to do the same.

  6. The voters in Rashida Tlaib’s district need to vote her out of office. I’m sure she has already shamed them to begin with that she is the activist that she is. The news media also needs to stop playing into her hands and reporting every single step she takes. I agree she should be watched but just not with so much attention given her. She should literally be ‘shunned’ out of the picture. Whatever ungrateful deed she does after that can then allow for her deportation.

  7. Crazy Daesh traitor this thing represents the al-Qaida. This thing ought to be put on trail for treason against the United States. she’s a devillish radical Islamic that shouldn’t be allow to walk the streets of American.

  8. Then we will meet them in the streets because they’ve already stated that the Antifa movement arm itself for future conservative rally’s. And if the 2020 election doesn’t go their way. in my view that’s a blatant threat

  9. Know one should be allowed to be in public with their face covered. This should be a law and these cowards would be thrown in jail if the police do their job

  10. Yep, the Antifa group are radical anti-Americans who are thugs and criminals–not activists. Activism is necessary under our Bill of Rights and U S Constitution. Activists will march, will shout, will demonstrate but never, ever hurt, maim, destroy property , throw people out of restaurants and coffee shops, or vandalize property or threaten people by going to their property to menace, harass or shoot to kill because of one’s difference in opinions. That’s anti-American. Activists aren’t weak:they will protect themselves and others from harm radical Saul Alinsky approach, opposed to extreme, thug-beating approach. Real activists don’t have to lie to the public, they don’t have to beat or threaten people: all they need to do is expose the lies where ever radical lies raise their ugly cowardice faces. Then truth takes action by ripping off the liars masks and leaving them exposed.

  11. who is this Rashida Tlaib that she can threaten our President ? don’t know where she is from but needs to go to where she or her family came from. If our America doesn’t meet her life then leave. These people are sick. they don’t like Trump because they cant control him. He is for AMERICA and we are first on first o his list.

  12. Take Rashida Tlaib, SHE says, She would not stop until SHE IMPEACHES Trump. But Trump hasn’t done anything to her. Does not mater, SHE wants one thing in her life. Therefore she needs more people to go with her to do what she wants in her life.To satisfy her desire IN LIFE, EVENTUALLY SHE NEEDS MORE TERORISTS, while SHE already is a TERORIST.

  13. Antifa is a terrorist group and these senators that Disrespect Our President Should Be Removed. I am all for it. And Sick Sick Sick and tired of these Senators doing the wrong things in Our Country. Tlaib and AOC and the somilian ungrateful immigrant…should be removed. They come to my country to change it? We don’t want it changed. Remove Them. Make America Great Again. Antifa….Is A Terrorist Group. Stop Them Now.

  14. They need to add the BLM gangs along with any other group that hides behind a mask to cause violence. We the people have a right to our safety and our property.

  15. I have to wonder if the Nazi party of old came into being today if we would let them to into America and even into Congress as we have done with Islam! I think so. Our young have been warped and indoctrinated into a fantasia world. The path we are on today will lead us to doom.

  16. I think all those that believe indenity is more important than the American culture and our American Republic and Constitution should be identified as a domestic malcontents and a domestic terrorist if engaging in public violence.


  18. Yes. They deserve this. They are just another group as bad as the KKK which was also liberals who came up from the Democratic Party. They were just as corrupt as the antifa who also hide behind masks and carry weapons and beat up anybody because they hide behind masks. Wonder how many are well known liberals who don’t care who they hurt old young or in between. Just a bunch of cowards hiding behind their masks,

  19. Shame on antifa cowards who hide behind masks . I assume they do not have the guts or belief
    In their cause to show their face. No BALLS at all.

  20. The Antifa “activists” clearly place themselves beyond the protection of the Law when they act outside of it. Domestic Terrorists sounds like a reasonable description to me.
    Time for some reality America – don’t waste efforts on dangerous idiots !

  21. Quote: “… any such scheme raises significant due process, equal protection, and First Amendment constitutional concerns.” So says the spokesperson for the ACLU. Based on that then would mean that the ACLU has/is/will pursue court action against any state trying to implement so-called “Red Flag” laws. Yet state after state has passed such laws, even states that already had statues on the books that would do the same thing BUT actually provided due process.

  22. Rashida Tlaib truly should be recalled from office
    A very radical and ungrateful congresswoman.

    What is there even a question about Antifa being
    Terrorists? Of course they are and Gov Kate Brown appears to support them. We have to stop this type of thing from starting if we are going to continue to have a Democratic Nation.

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