Rashida Tlaib Says She Won’t Go Anywhere Until She Impeaches Trump

Rashida Tlaib was recently at an NAACP convention in Detroit where she showed off her ignorance. She said to the crowd “I’m not going nowhere.” She followed that up by saying, “Not until I impeach this president.” There are a number of problems with what this freshman representative said.

First, let’s not forget the fact that she’s not even using proper English. If she wants to be what’s best for America, the least that she could do is to be grammatically correct when she takes the stage. “I’m not going nowhere.” Well, what she likely meant to say is that she’s not going anywhere. With the double negative, she’s actually saying that she is going somewhere.

For someone who wants to fight to make America better, she should start by going back to school so that she can learn how to speak correctly. However, that’s not even the biggest issue.

Impeaching Trump

The reason that Tlaib is so upset is because of how Trump has said to her to “go back.” Although she was born in the United States, the idea is to go back to her roots. This is the same representative who has called Trump a “mother f—-“ to the crowds on more than one occasion. So, it’s okay for her to call the President of the United States that kind of name but it’s not okay for him to tell her that she needs to go back to where she came from. Interesting.

She wants to impeach Trump over this. However, Al Green (D-Tex) already tried this. Last week, he filed the impeachment proceedings and the House took a vote. The vote came back that impeachment was off the table. This means that Tlaib isn’t going to get her wish. She can’t impeach Trump over this because it’s something that the House already voted on.

Now, it’s possible that the House will decide to vote to impeach Trump after they hear Mueller’s Testimony. However, the Department of Justice has told Mueller to keep his testimony to the confines of the report. This means that no new information is going to come up. If there was something in the report that was an impeachable offense, the Dems would have found it by now.

Tlaib doesn’t have a leg to stand on in order to get Trump impeached. It’s clear that she’s not looking out for what America wants. She’s saying “I” in everything. “Not until I impeach” is what she told the crowds. Does she not realize that she’s not the only person in the House that gets a vote on this? She is one vote. And with a vote already happening with a failure to proceed with impeachment, it’s unlikely that she’s going to get anywhere if another vote or another vote happens.

Even Pelosi isn’t focusing on impeachment right now. However, Tlaib isn’t one to follow the Speaker of the House. Her, along with the rest of the squad, continuously speak out of turn and add upset to the House because it ensures that they get more facetime in the headlines.

Tlaib Isn’t Making Valid Points

Nothing that Tlaib has said recently has given her any kudos. The freshman doesn’t seem to do any research when she begins to spout things about civil rights movements. She brought up Martin Luther King, Jr, and Rosa Parks at the NAACP convention, but those names are no longer relevant. Those individuals made waves 60 years ago. Segregation is no longer an issue in the United States because of their contributions. However, she could have easily cited people of color who are making a difference in today’s world – and she didn’t.

Tlaib isn’t doing anything to help the United States. Her hatred for Trump is what guides her. Perhaps she was hoping for Clinton like so many of the other Dems. Rather than work with the current president, she works to make things harder. In virtually every vote, she has chosen to go against Trump’s position on the issue, ranging from immigration to healthcare.

Tlaib and her squad are making headlines, yet their approval ratings are falling. Many Americans still don’t know who the “Squad” is – and it seems like Tlaib is taking that personally. She’s saying and doing more bizarre things without even taking the time to check herself. Calling the President a “mother f—-“ is not okay. And no, Tlaib, you can’t be the sole person responsible for impeaching Donald Trump because politics don’t work that way.

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