Wickedness Reigns Again in Chicago

The mentally disabled people are exploited by cowards across the country daily. Bullies across America look for people that they easily exploit and beat on just to feel good about themselves. Recently in Chicago, a group of teenagers beat on a mentally disabled girl.

They assaulted her with strikes to the body and at times kicked her and shoved her to the ground. The cowardly crowd of bystanders laughed and videotaped the entire episode to post the video on social media for the world to see. These sorry excuses for human beings are a disgrace to society and need to be arrested for even laughing and video tapping this tragic event.

The video shows a mob of girls beating to death a mentally handicapped girl. The video was 42 seconds long and others can be heard laughing at what was going on and not a single person doing anything to put a stop to it. The mob grew to several people taking turns punching and kicking at the young lady for no reason at all.

Those that followed laughed as each punch was thrown and each shove was given. The young lady getting beat up cries out for help and no one intervenes. At one point another student pulls her to her feet but the video ends. It is possible that they continued to beat on her after she was pulled up.

The sad part about the whole thing comes after a so-called friend posts the video on social media with the said intention of trying to get justice for her. So her “friend” records the beating and then posts the video on the internet. If she was truly her friend, then she should have got involved and fought off the attackers. True friends don’t record their friends getting beat up they help them when they are needed.

The girl that was beaten up had just lost her mother to death and was struggling with her loss. The cowards that beat on her had no sympathy or concern for her at all. These creeps need to experience the full force of the law for what they had done. Her so-called friend said that she did not deserve any of what happened to her. What she deserved was to have her so-called friend help her instead of recording the video.

There will be consequences for everyone involved in this assault. The Chicago Police Department has the video and is in the process of investigating the incident. Not only did the girl get assaulted, but she was missing for some time. Instead of helping her home these sorry excuse for human teenagers assaulted her.

The so-called friend said the girl was jumped by another person because she was talking to the police about something. There is no reason for this attack.

The girl’s so-called friend posted the following post “These girls jumped my friend Janise Harris who has a mental disability that has been progressing since the passing of her mother, I know this won’t blow up since I’m a small account but please, share and rt! I want justice for my friend, she didn’t deserve any of this.”

One has to question the motive of her friend. Instead of going to social media for revenge the video should have immediately been taken to the police.

The girl was reported missing earlier that week. The friend should have taken the girl back home knowing that is where she should have been. There are a lot of unanswered questions regarding this tragic event. But at least a few things are clear about the true nature of some people’s hearts. They just don’t care.

They are more concerned with preserving their image at any cost. Even in that means hurting other people.

This kind of behavior is seen throughout the Democratic Party. Many of the Democrats cry when they are an attack or opposed on professional grounds but threaten little girls with death when they are made fun of by the general public. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a good example of this behavior in politics.

Even Democratic supporters would rather attack conservatives rather than debate them. It seems to be a trademark of the Democratic Party and followers to attack and kill those that stand in a person’s way.

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