Even Schiff is Scared to Impeach the President

What started out as months has turned into years of wasted time and taxpayer’s dollars. We now find ourselves still going around in circles with the only thing Democrats are still clinging to with the impeachment of President Trump. They are still claiming there was an obstruction of justice which no one can answer what the obstruction is.

There has been no evidence to verify impeachment proceedings, only the delusion from the Left. The fact is, there is no evidence, and it is past time for them to put up or shut up. These idiots have wasted more than enough of our time. Even the House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is shaking in his boots because he knows they have nothing to go on.

On an interview with “Meet the Press,” Schiff was questioned as to why hasn’t anything been done. His answer proves they have nothing. He said, “There is a great weight to the argument that impeaching Trump is imperative in order to take a stand that the allegations he’s accused of, mainly, obstruction of justice, cannot be tolerated by Congress. But a failed impeachment fight could end up sending the wrong message.” Obstruction of justice should never be tolerated but there was none, so why are we, the American people still being tortured?

Schiff continued, “I worry equally about the message of taking an impeachment case to trial, losing that case, having the president acquitted, and then having an adjudication that this conduct is not impeachable. The jury I’m most worried about, not the Senate because I think that’s a preordained conclusion, is the American people. Can we make the case to the American people? I want to make sure that’s true before we go down that path because it’s going to occupy a year of the nation’s time.”

Schiff asked if the case can be made to the American people? They have lost our trust a long time ago. Only the delusional can continue with this atrocity. Even the Democrats are divided at this time because they know they will lose the case with no evidence. Mueller set that for them in his report and they still are trying to pick it apart. What part of it don’t they understand? When a high authority Democrat leader cannot answer a question straight forward what the American people want to know, then it is time to shut up and move on to something more constructive, like doing their jobs.

Democrats relied on Mueller’s testimony, but it got them nowhere. It is safe to say Conservatives and the GOP told them so! They hoped it would give them impeachable evidence, but it was just a repeat of the same thing we already knew. Schiff tried to color up the testimony with lies by saying, “Mueller’s testimony was chilling, and he highlighted a campaign and presidential candidate characterized by disloyalty to country, by greed, and by lies.” Really? Where? There have been no shifts from the GOP or the Democrats from where they stood before. In fact, even the Democrats who supported impeachment are now moving over to the side of common sense because they know they do not stand a chance without evidence. Mueller’s testimony burned them just as we suspected it would.

Friday, Nancy Pelosi, The House Speaker, stated, she was “not trying to run out the clock on impeachment and that a decision will be made in a timely fashion.” The very same day Jerrold Nadler, the Judiciary Committee Chairman stated, “The committee has been conducting an impeachment inquiry in effect.” So which one is it? They cannot even get their stories straight anymore because it is nothing but corrupt lies. They are definitely divided.

Get a load of Schiff’s answer when he was asked where he feels The House is in the process of impeachment. He replied, “It would be “most accurately described as preliminary to a judicial proceeding, that proceeding being a potential impeachment. The most important thing is to obtain the grand jury material, to see the evidence. There’s no making the case to the cult of the president’s personality that is the Senate GOP, but we should at least be able to make the case to the American people. And I’d like to see the evidence so I’m confident that we can do that before we say we’re ready to charge the president of the United States.” He has not even seen it himself!

475 thoughts on “Even Schiff is Scared to Impeach the President”

  1. Do they not think that, if even ONE witness, had said that Trump obstructed justice, that Mueller would NOT have kept it to himself!

  2. Schiff is hardly shaking in his boots, nor have you provided any evidence he is scared to death of Pres. Trump…if he was he wouldn’t be saying anything at all. He just knows he doesn’t stand a chance of getting rid of Pres. Trump because there is absolutely no evidence to use against him…But if there was he would be going straight for the jugular with it. Your article is good except for the false sensationalism you used to try to get people to read it, it calls your honesty into question.

  3. Your Headline says that Schiff is scared to impeach the President. Schiff is simply incompetent at best … just follow his glassy and shifty eyes as he deals with TV media. He has no concept of what he should be doing as a vital and important of the U.S. Government. It is a shame that clowns like Schiff get anywhere near positions of responsibility within our Federal Government! Somebody close to Schiff should tell him that he is totally unqualified be a Representative of Fed Gov at any level … period! When are we going to understand that we must remove from Office the clowns that do not belong there?

  4. I’m really sick and tired of the DEMONrats getting free passes the average American would get a lot of time in prison for!
    And if AG Barr doesnt indict Comey for the high crimes he’s committed I will lose my trust in him!
    These criminals must be brought to justice no matter who the heck they are.
    Under the DEMONrats this has become a lawless society!!
    Come quickly


  6. It’s unsettling that Schiff doesn’t even know what’s going on in his own party.
    Schiff‘S options are none, and his trump impeachment will never be.
    It seems polosi is the only smart one that realizes a impeachment trial will surely go
    down deep in history, and their names will be remembered for decades, for trying to impeach a good sitting president of the United States (Donald j Trump) for doing
    his best for America, and succeeding.

  7. Old Schiff has told the American People all the time that he personally has seen the crimes that they are claiming President Trump is guilty of! Where is this evidence he has been talking about that he has knowledge of? He has lied all along this whole time to keep the people stirred up. He needs to step down for all this corruption on his part and if Nadler continues to bring this crap up ,He needs to STEP Down and get out of Washington and be unable to run for any Governmental Office again for lying to the American People all this time and wasting our Tax Payer MONEY on a LIE!

  8. We all know this was the biggest sham of the century, and the Democrats now are trying to backpedal and do whatever they can to keep us alive to keep their self out of the fiery oven, which everyone them should be roasted like the pigs they are. I think all that money spent on this phony investigation to sync Trump should come out of the DNC is coffers every penny not the American people. We the American people need to demand that that money be given back to the taxpayer we are not a slush fund to create war against the communist parties enemy of freedom republican party !

  9. The only thing that ADAM SCH- – T can be sure of if he try’s any more of his FALSE ACCUSATIONSGAINST TRUMP ON IMPEACHMENT, then the PEOPLE will rise up and KICK YOUR MOLDY ASS PROPERLY OUT THE CONGRESS DOOR!

  10. Trying to read Schiff’s answer made me dizzy. A lot of words and terms without any real substance. He deserves all the ridicule he gets.

  11. He’s the biggest asshole in Washington along with Jerry Nadler and Maxine Waters. They are the ones who should be impeached. They are all traitors and liars, and real Americans know it and had enough of their bull shit.


  13. Schiff buried himself in this delusion, he isn’t doing the job he was elected to do, he has nothing to offer the people who put him in office. He has wasted taxpayer money and is a Pelosi hand puppet. If the voters in California had ANY sense at all his next election would be his last.

  14. While it is true that the Deep State within the Obama Administration hates President Trump every second of every minute of every hour of every day, this is a secondary reason to push to impeach him. The primary reason is to deflect their own dealings with Russians, and their corruption. The Steele Dossier was fed false accusations supplied by Russians. But the great corruption was the Uranium One Deal, by which Russia was granted 20 percent of US uranium, and which was approved by Obama, Clinton, and others. It makes no sense that Russia would favor a Trump presidency, as he was not a politician, was a strong negotiator, and was personally wealthy. Russia had to have greatly favored a Clinton presidency, because they knew, and know, that she is corrupt. She would sell out her country for her own power and wealth. She, and all the minions of the Deep State entered a Faustian pact long ago. All these jackals are traitors, as all are globalists, who aspire to be oligarchs in a global state. Obama himself is a stealth jihadist, working to overthrow our constitutional republic, by weakening our military, taxing and regulating businesses to the point of shutdown or moving out of the USA, and other acts of sabotage, to replace our nation and our Constitution with a worldwide caliphate, with the remaining people left alive, living under sharia law.

  15. This is SO bad — so disrupting to the whole purpose of government and our nation.
    Mr. Schiff, please do you have a list of the President’s obstructions of justice?
    What evil has he done?
    “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”
    You and your comrades have done this great nation much harm.
    Your face shows your disdain, and it is not a pretty one.
    You will do yourself and the nation a huge favor to apologize for all of the trouble caused.
    You may be able to redeem yourself.

  16. Schiff , Nadler and most of the dems are LOONS. They need to be replaced by any means. All they ever do is tell lies. How can anyone vote for them? Unless they’re loons too.

  17. Shifty “Schit”, with them goo-goo googley eyes – scary, just plain scary is what he/it is! He’s got to be on some powerful stuff to look like that and to think like he does; just another Godless, Satan worshiping, power-mad, NWO-elitist ghoul posing as a Democ-RAT/Progressive! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – guaranteed as these demonic psychopaths will not relent until they’re made to repent, the devil disciples that all of them are!


  19. They’ve spent over two years and $30,000,000 digging a DRY hole and ‘they’ want to keep at it. They are now reduced to looking through President Trump’s ENTIRE life for something to ‘bring up’. How would ‘little’ Adam like to have such a “lifetime search” run on his past??? (or the rest of the politicians for that matter)

  20. Schitt is “worried” about wasting a year of America’s TIME? Was he “worried” about wasting over TWO YEARS of Americans’ time and about $28M of our MONEY? Can no one else smell the HYPOCRISY oozing out of his pores? Never mind that two years of positive legislation and Nation Building got flushed down the swamp-oilet. We elected the MAN who we WANTED to lead this nation. These Demonrat elites think(?) we “deplorables” don’t know what’s really best for us or what we REALLY need. It’s amazing they’re still walking around! But, after all, we’re not Antifa. Patience IS getting thin, though!

  21. I believe these liberals, the fake news media and anyone else who hates President Trump are crazy and should resign from Congress as soon as possible! They are carrying this “impeachment” thing too far and too long a time! Give it UP you a–holes and get on with working for the people of this country! What did we do to you crazies in Congress, that you hate us so much! Get over it! Hillary lost, Trump won! Now get on with working for US the American people!
    Clean UP your cities that are disgusting ratholes, build a center for the homeless, especially those men and women who served this country in war time! Take care of our Veterans as if they were family members!
    President Trump is doing an excellent job, so let him do his job! He is not a racist, a sexist, or anything else you call him. You are all just MAD because he is not doing anything that you want him to do! Get over it! You all act like children who want their own ways and all they think of is to whine and cry and carry on about it! GET OVER IT OR GET OUT! “TRUMP/2020”

    1. Adam Schiff is part of the problem that we are facing today. He is a liberal Congressman who keeps dwelling on “impeachment” along with Pelosi and others. The American people are getting sick and tired of hearing that word “impeachment”!

  22. President Trump is strong and good. When he wins in 2020 it’s good . I just pray after that election the next President we get will be a strong good man like him. Right now he’s our only hope

  23. The dems will explode from within s they cant find anything strong enough to impeach the PRESIDENT. FOR ALL OF NADLER’S BLUSTER, HE HAS NOTHING SERIOUS ENOUGH TO CALL FOR AN IMPEACHMENT. BETWEEN NADLER AAND SCHIFF THEY HAVE. BECOME CLOWS FOR TRYING TO TIE TRUMP TO RUSSIA. Now if they want collusion go to the Fisa warrant, and who paid for all this was HELLERY, DNC, and Clinton Foundation. Clintons were pay for play. to try to hide the illegal payments such as $%85,ooo.00 money for a speech from Bill. there are so many others they never recorded. Maybe the missing money is buried with the approximately 50+ murderers and 20+ suicides that are unaccountable. HELLERY was the MOB boss of the DEM party. She has been troubled for years with poor health. She is a walking time bomb. One dr. diagnosed as a sociopath combining that with alcoholism is a time bomb waiting to go off.

  24. What you rewrite my message? Now, we are in the George Orwell’s 1984 that I need censoring? I guess because you hate Trump and love the democrats you feel you have the power to silence me?

  25. The Amazibgly Ignorant Dumbocrat Socialists (Not Patriotic Democrats) just can’t accept the fact their “SOCIAALISM” is a a lost cause and the Majority of both Parties are just sitting back and “LAUGHING” at them and they will cause Our Great President Trump and all He has done for Our Nation to be Re-elected !!!

  26. I’m with Schiff. Either put up or shut up. The only reason this has gone on so long is the democrat children did not get their way with Hillary’s election. So the Democrats have tried since President of day one to impeachment President Trump. President Trump was elected by the people for the people. He has accomplished a lot of the things he promised in his campaign.

    So at this point, Democrats need to TRY and impeach President Trump and reap consequences from that action, or just leave it alone. Cone together on something in Congress and house of representatives. Instead of fighting over everything. It’s such a waste if time and taxpayers hard earned money to continue on your present course. Please bring all animosity to an end, PLEASE!!!!!!!

  27. I think Shifty Shiff is a Coward. He’s afraid of his own shadow. He is shallow, narcistic, a hater and a bater. I hope he is never ever voted back in. They Demos are hiding their own illegalities and it’s way past time they paid for their illegal doings. It is they who have spewed the hate, Maxcine Waters who went out, telling people to harass, harm, assault and do bodily damage to those who worked in the White House, as well as, his supporters. the far lefties should just shut as they are spewing the hatred we are seeing today, It’s on their shoulders, not Trumps. They are the racists, not Trump. Sure he has his crazy tweets, but he’s entitled to express his opinions, it’s call freedom of speech. Gottit!!But he has never, ever spewed hate. You don’t hear the conservatives spewing it, but one sure as the devil in them do, and make no apologies for it. THEY are the ones who have caused our critical affair in getting the Wall built, That, too is on their shoulders and they should own it, not blame Trump for their stupidity. Ir is they and they alone who are responsible for the hatred, the human trafficking, the rapes of children, not Trump. Quite frankly I don’t give a hoot about any of the Dmocrats. Pelosi had two illegals in her front yard, and had them deported. She should have said, I know I have given you sanctuary, but not at my home. Double standard, I would say. Or let me rephrase it. The illegals in her yard, should have understood that Pelosi and her gang of cronies had no intention of keeping thier promises to them. It IS ALL ABOUT GETTING THEIR VOTE. Once they have voted she and her gang won’t have a thing to do with them. The death of kids, the death of a Father and daughter is on their shoulders and their shoulders alone.

  28. Just think what the President could do for this country,if he didn’t have all the obstruction from the Democratics.
    Why don’t they start looking into the Clintons both Bill and Hillary and see all the laws they have broken. They should be behind bars


  30. California is going down the toilet, along with all the other states that are protecting illegals. They all need to follow the constitution.

  31. I have watched with amazement at how those that vote for the Democrats with their abundance of ludicrous ideas that anyone with what used to be known as common sense would have laughed in their faces. Not only are they outright lying to us they fully expect us to be gullible enough to fall for their impossible ideas. I expect the major parties to have some differences of opinion but this is outrageous. For the entire time Mr. Trump has been our president the Democratic party has done nothing that even begins to approximate culture of mutual cooperation. Perhaps the Democratic party should call themselves the Nero party because to the man you are “fiddling while the country burns”! Here is a thought for ALL of you this is supposed to be your homeland too how about starting to act like it and start some truly honest dialogue with the Republicans and put your country ahead of your reelection campaigns and your bank accounts and book sales.

  32. I’m fed up with the left wing LUNATICS in the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. As they are a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE and are still angry because they lost an election. Their HATRED of TRUMP is what they are all about. They are a DESPICABLE group of people.

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