California Signs a Bill Aimed at President Trump

Crazy California has taken another unforgivable step into the realm of liberalism. The state’s governor signed a bill that would require any presidential candidate to release their tax returns before they will be allowed to appear on the primary ballot. This is nothing short of an attack on President Trump to keep him from winning the electoral votes in 2020. The freakish Democrats are resorting to blackmail and illegal means to get what they want out of people.

Of course, the goodly Democrats are all following suit to release their returns but it still drives them crazy that President Trump keeps his private. The law that was signed by Newsom is illegal and unconstitutional. This is nothing short of forcing someone to do what they do not want to do. There is no reason why Trump should have to release his private tax returns to a state that has nothing to do with the legislature of the House. This is just another stupid attempt by the Democrats to harass the president.

For right now the Republican National Committee does not make any candidates have to appear on the ballots in all the states. President Trump has no contender that is threatening his 2020 Republican nomination run. So there really is no reason why he needs to have his name on the primary ballot. This move by the naughty Newsom is drawing national attention as the bill is being declared illegal by many experts.

Harmeet K. Dhillon is a representative of the Republican National Committee for the state of California. She has said that the bill is an “illegal voter suppression scheme.” It is nothing more than an attempt to keep conservative voters from coming out to vote. California has become a socialist state that is starting to destroy the state. People are leaving the liberal state because they are tired of being taken advantage of.

Freaky Newsom does not like the president and has often battled with him on things like immigration and other transportation issues. The freaks are claiming that they want to hold candidates to a high ethical standard. So out of the blue, they come up with a law to hold candidates accountable for good morals. Newsom has no morals, or he would have sent this bill to the dump where it belongs.

News wrote a statement regarding the bill and it reads “These are extraordinary times and states have a legal and moral duty to do everything in their power to ensure leaders seeking the highest offices meet minimal standards, and to restore public confidence.” Newsom needs to be investigated for collaborating with people that are doing illegal things to harass a president that has done nothing to warrant this kind of treatment for anything.

There is nothing in the constitution that makes a president make public his tax returns. The Supreme Court has also had to intervene in the past to keep states from adding laws so people could not appear on the ballots. This is one of those cases that will be struck down as unconstitutional and illegal.

The dumb Democrats tipped their hat when Mike McGuire said trump needs to not ignore the voter rich state of California. This means that somewhere along the line a phone call was made by Democrats to try to get California to force Trump to release the returns. After all, New York state failed at it. Liberal states are consistently trying to control the lives of people. And this is one of those laws that force people to do what they are really not required to do.

California is the first state to require this kind of law before candidates can appear on the ballot. The very fact that it coincides with Trump and his tax returns only prove the Democrats are up to illegal means to get what they want out of people. They will find that President Trump is more than willing to play their stupid games. The president has been playing the Democrats as the fools they are, and he will continue to make them move in the direction that he wants them to long after 2020 has come and gone.

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