Dems Get Fussy Because Obama Was Attacked Via Biden

The Democratic candidates for 2020 have proven one thing: they’re ruthless. They’re not too concerned over proving what they have to offer or why their platform is better than another. Instead, they’re focusing on attacking one another. The latest round of debates showed that they’re all after Biden. It’s only natural since he’s the former VP and the one with the biggest lead in the polls.

They crossed a line, however. In their efforts to attack Biden, they also attacked Biden. That’s where the Democrats as a whole are drawing the line in the sand. They can attack Biden all they want, but they cannot touch the Golden Boy. Barack Obama is off-limits.

Obama Allies Speak Up

A number of former Obama Administration officials and allies spoke up following the debates to say that they didn’t like that Obama’s record was dragged through the mud. They criticized how the Democratic contenders were uncharacteristically tough on assessing his policies.

With Obama being such a beloved president of the Democratic Party, it could cause a significant amount of backfire with the presidential candidates. As Steve Elmendorf advised, “Stay away from Barack Obama.” Elmendorf is well-known by Dems everywhere as a lobbyist as well as someone who worked heavily on John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign.

An Opening for Republicans

With the Dems already picking on the most popular Democrat in the party when he’s not even running, it provides plenty of ammunition for the Republicans to step in and take advantage of this. Trump, Jr took to Twitter to identify how nice it was to see the Dems going after the failed policies of Obama. Prior to the 2020 elections, no Dem would ever say anything negative about Obama and his policies, no matter how bad they may have been.

President Trump echoed the theme at a rally in Cincinnati on Thursday night. He pointed out that the Dems spent more time attacking Obama than they did him.

Why all of the attacks on Obama?

For the most part, the attacks on Obama were the candidates’ way of getting to Biden. Biden served for eight years alongside Barack Obama. As such, everything that Obama did wrong is linked to Biden – and they wanted to make sure to point that out. This includes identifying all of the deportations that took place as well as the flaws within the Affordable Care Act.

Cory Booker accused Biden of bringing up Obama more than anyone. However, it was Bill de Blasio that asked Biden pointedly if he used his VP Powers to stop any of the deportations. That’s when Biden said he was keeping his recommendations to himself and said it was Obama who wanted to change the system fundamentally, essentially throwing Obama directly under the deportation bus.

Biden also mentioned that “Obamacare” was working, rather than calling it the Affordable Care Act. He suggested that Dems build on its success rather than pushing to the “Medicare for All” plan that so many of the other Dem candidates are pushing for, including Kamala Harris.

More Defense of Trump

Neera Tanden, the CEO and president of the liberal think tank and the domestic policy director for the Obama campaign shared a tweet that many Dems were already thinking. She said that the GOP didn’t attack Reagan. Instead, they built him up. The Dems who are currently attacking Obama are “wrong and terrible.” She goes on to say that Obama wasn’t perfect but when compared to Trump, “he kind of is.”

Biden also said that “Obama has nothing to apologize for.”

It is certainly an interesting tactic that the candidates took during the debate. Biden is hoping that they can focus more on fixing the things that Trump has broken as opposed to the mistakes that Obama made.

The Dems are Crumbling

Ultimately, all of the fussiness from the Dems for attacking Obama shows that many of them still side with the former president. They don’t want to see anyone destroy his legacy. With Biden being the only one who is capable of defending Obama out of all of the candidates, it shows what a great divide there is within the Democratic Party.

The next few debates will be very telling to determine whether they’re going to talk about real issues or continue to destroy the former president. Either way, it’s showing that the Democratic Party is crumbling faster than anyone could have anticipated. Obama may be off-limits to the Dems, but that doesn’t mean that the DNC presidential candidates are going to listen.

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