Voting Machines Show A Weakness In American System

The Dems seem to be under the impression that everyone voted for Hilary Clinton in 2016. The only way that Trump could have possibly won was because of Russia’s interference. To avoid issues with that again in 2020, the voting machines have to be updated. There’s a significant weakness in the American voting system as it stands right now.

This means that voting centers around the U.S. have to be updated before the primaries as well as the general election.

The Problem with Paperless Voting Machines

It is actually the paperless voting machines that are causing the biggest issue with the voting. Tens of millions of Americans are using paperless voting machines. Security experts say that these devices can be hacked undetectable in and offer no way to audit the results if an error does occur.

The supposed it Russian election interference that took place in 2016 has caused state and local governments to demand that the machines switch so that a paper record is produced for every vote.

Why isn’t the switch happening?

There are a number of reasons as to why the voting machines are slow to be switched. Paper-based machines cost money – and some districts don’t have that kind of money. Additionally, there are some election officials who simply don’t believe the warnings provided by the experts – those are the same people who don’t believe that Russia actually interfered with the elections, making it possible for Trump to become president.

Further, there are some states that have no central authority when it comes to determining what voting equipment is purchased. This means that these purchases are left up to the local governments to decide upon.

36 States Have a Paper-Based Voting Machine

When the 2018 election took place 36 states, as well as DC, cast ballots on some kind of machine that produced a paper record. Even in this instance, there were still problems. Some machines were considered more secure than others. Some of the states used fully paper-based machines, including ones with hand marking and machine scanning. Security experts consider these to be the “gold standard.” Other states used a combination of those machines as well as the original paperless machines that were upgraded with a printer.

14 states used “insecure” voting technology, including Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, and others. At least some of the people in the states cast ballots that produced no kind of paper vote trail. This included Pennsylvania, which is considered a swing state and one that was considered crucial for Trump’s victory.

Since those votes, a number of jurisdictions have replaced their old machines in order to deploy new equipment. Others have at least set a goal in order to acquire funding and select new machines for purchasing.

“Hanging Chads” and Other Issues

After the 2000 election debacle, Florida had the issue of “hanging chads” where it took longer to report on the voting results than other states. While other states had issues, too, Florida seemed to be the leader of the pack. This resulted in Congress showering a number of states with money so that they could upgrade their voting machines. This took place over 15 years ago – and fueled a security crisis in the process when many chose paperless electronic devices.

The idea is that if a paper is generated with the vote, people can confirm that their vote is correct.

Will the voting systems lead to a Democratic victory?

Many of the Dems are fighting to have new voting equipment in place prior to the 2020 elections because they fear that Russia will be back, interfering with the votes yet again. What they don’t realize is that millions of people have come forward raising their hand that they voted for Trump. It wasn’t an issue of the voting machine. People actually chose to vote for Trump over Clinton because they knew it was right for the country.

Upgrading the voting machines so that every jurisdiction has the same system can certainly help ensure that fairness is in place. Further, following security guidelines to ensure that they cannot be hacked will help to eliminate any issues where one party claims that there was foul play. However, changing the voting systems aren’t going to change the fact that America wants one candidate over another one.

This means that, even if the voting systems are all switched out prior to the 2020 elections, which is unlikely, the Democrats will have to face the music when a candidate is voted in that they aren’t happy with.

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