Trump Scoffs at North Korean Test

The entire world is up in arms because the stupid media wants everyone to believe that North Korea is trying to nuke the world because they conducted three short-range missile tests. The media would have everyone believe that the end of the world has come because one country fired a few missiles in order to conduct tests. The media wants people to believe that North Korea is up to illegal threats and tests, so they can push a conflict that does not exist.

President Trump stated over the weekend that “Kim Jong Un and North Korea tested 3 short-range missiles over the last number of days. These missiles tests are not a violation of our signed Singapore agreement, nor was there discussion of short-range missiles when we shook hands. Does not want to disappoint me with a violation of trust.” The president is not concerned with these tests as he is showing that he trusts the leader of North Korea. For years the media has played their leader as an evil psychotic person that was determined to rule the world.

President Trump calls him a friend and believes that Kim is a person that is smart and does not want to mess up the relationship that has been established between the United States and North Korea. The meddling media would have everyone believe that that North Korea attached nuclear warheads to the missiles just to see what they would do. But in truth, they were just missile tests that never violated any agreements that Kim has made with the United States or anyone else.

The media wants to continue to lie to the American people and fuel hatred toward another nation that is just misunderstood. President Trump knows that North Korea is not going to do anything that will force a conflict. The media however actually wants a conflict to start, so they have something to report other than what they are currently lying about. The media outlets thrive on ratings, and they need people to view their channels, so they can make money. A war to them is a great way to make money.

What the media does not want the American people to know is that the test posed no threat to the United States or anyone else. They were completely in line with all agreements that North Korea has with other nations. There were no nuclear tests or threats made. This is nothing to worry about. The United States conducts missile tests all the time. So it stands to reason that other nations will be able to do the same thing.

President Trump believes that Kim wants to do the right thing and be a part of a world that loves peace and not war or deception. The devices that North Korea launched were different from the ones they were testing for nuclear weapons. This means they have given up on nuclear weapons because they have come to learn that peace is better than war and it will only help their little nation.

Some news agencies were all up in arms as they pressed the White House and the Pentagon for answers. The news agencies are acting like little demons just looking for ways to sink their teeth into a new victim. The media lies to their audiences in an attempt to stir up stories. They try to get people to react violently or in ways that will further their viewer base.

The media are just looking for a way to claim that North Korea has started up its nuclear tests again. They want conflict, and they need it badly because their Democratic brethren of the demon orders have all but been defeated in Congress and the Senate. President Trump continues to defeat them at every turn in their attempts to witch hunt into prison. What the demonized media and Democrats have found is that they cannot push this president around like they could former presidents. President Trump is exactly what the United States needs as a leader.

16 thoughts on “Trump Scoffs at North Korean Test”

  1. In my view, George Soros is the billionaire leftist activist supporting the media in his quest for the destruction of America as it is, or for creating an unrecognizable America that bows to his ‘sick’ whims. Fight on, fellow conservatives, we shall persevere.

  2. This is exactly why we love tjis president. He is not afraid to stsnd up to the nasty media or hateful Dems. Remember people he,was a very wealthy man before coming president he didn’t need tjis job to become wealthy like 99%of our government officials. No one owns him & thats,why we need him in for another 4yrs.

  3. The Dems loves playing the witch Hunt game so if they like it so much let them pay the bill instead of the American tax payer. Most people know that they played that game with Mulier to a tune of 40million dollars. In which that amount was funded by the American tax payer and they found nothing. It seems to me that they would spend some time trying to find out how certain people come to be legislators with a certain net worth. And after years of service that net worth grows to much larger amount. Like our former president who came in with a small amount and left with a bucket over flowing, how does that happen. Also how did Iran get 150B in cash, without approval from the congress and the senate. Maybe I’m missing something but it seems as if President Trump is doing everything he can to shut down that cash cow and the left is doing everything possible to prevent it. Like get him out before he finds something that he can pin on us, better hurry.

  4. Inwake of N Korea have a 3 test of short range middle somec fucking media of leftist try to stirred up then all mean of dumb stupid thought want US make some war decision on it as some stupid leader will acted but Trump a smart president of USA have his point of view in different angle to calm down not be fall in fucking dumb as media want, world have a war or not because these stupid media and leader of nation or make nation be stronger by smart one. not ding as some did in past years bent their head down??!!

  5. In my opinion the 1st amendment needs an overhaul! The freedom of the press is a great thing. However freedom to lie to the people under the protection of the amendment is defeating its intention. Our forefathers assumed that the press would have integrity. That doesn’t seem to be the case. There should be severe penalties for intentionally lying to the public for any reason.

  6. Your writer is drawing conclusions without having facts. Colleen wrote, “The devices that North Korea launched were different from the ones they were testing for nuclear weapons. This means they have given up on nuclear weapons because they have come to learn that peace is better than war and it will only help their little nation.” Please tell me how she knows this, or is she just giving us her OPINION? Opinions are not “journalism.”

  7. The media has become AMERICA ENEMY #1. The are trying to destroy President Trump and his presidency and therefore, are trying to destroy him making America great again. Republicans are showing that they have become aware of the fake and twisted news and also, so many Democrats are coming over to the Republican (Amercan) side.

  8. The Media is America’s enemy with their words of lies and Fake news. Why news has to ruin it for Americans who want real news. They don’t want the news to be siding with dems. and constant attacks of the President. The Pres. is doing a great job. He has a way of working with Un so stop trying to make it out to be something it isn’t.

  9. FUK the media, the Dark, Deep State controlled, overpaid, under-minded, underhanded sissified, pseudo-intellectual sycophants of the Godless, Satan worshiping, power-mad NWO-elitist ghouls posing as Democ-RATS! I hope that I haven’t been too vague.

  10. Kim Jong Un just wants to learn what goes up must come down. He is curious just as we were once curious many years ago when we wanted to put a plain in the sky or send a man to the moon. He still is a kid and wants the US to like and respect his country plus wants attention. None of the congress really understands how to look at foreign and need education on how to create peace among themselves and in the world !


  12. Where in the Constitution does it say freedom of the press gives the press a license to lie to “we the people?” Oh, I looked it up and I found the Constitution does not give the the press the license to lie to we the people. Where then does the press get the license to lie? The press gets its’ license to lie from past faulty Supreme Court decisions that insinuate any kind of lying by the press is protected speech under the 1st Amendment. Court decisions that insinuate lying to we the people is “protected” speech must be overruled; and, where proof is found the press has lied there must be severe criminal and civil penalties enforced against those who lied. Soon enough, then, the press will honor its’ Constitutional duty to tell the truth.

  13. When trump takes a shit his entourage will say its the best shit they have ever smelled or will ever smell. When he feeds it to them they say its the best shit they have ever eaten or will ever eat. There is 3 sides to a story and not two. His story, their story, and the truth. Fox friends, Other networks, and the real story. A white person comes into this country and automatically is considered an American. A Hispanic or Asian can come over even before Texas was even a state and they are invaders and will always be Mexican. Why are we called Mexican American but you don’t call trump German American or Melania Slovenian American. Forgot that presidents love, Kim Jong-un was responsible for this mans death.( Otto Warmbier was released by North Korea in a vegetative state and died a few days later.) Sad to have people like you try and defend a bully that has never matured into an adult. This make people like you, Mitch, Kelly , Sanders , and so many others responsible in empowering the demon that is in him. We need to vote him out so America can be great again. If he was a leader he would not let FOX, NRA, White supremist tell him what to do and say,

  14. Do you really believe this bullshit? Trump’s chumminess with communist dictators does not alarm you? Russia, China and North Korea would love to rule the world and you are a fool if you think otherwise.

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