A Boy in Awe With American Flag

In a world plagued with corruption from Democrats, Liberals, hatred, violence, and trying to destroy one another verbally or physically, comes a story from West Hartford, Connecticut where a six-year-old boy with Down Syndrome and autism can teach grown men and women who act like babies how to love the American Flag.  With thirteen stripes and fifty stars waving proudly in the wind, Finn Daly has a deep appreciation for Old Glory.  His parents Kevin and Brooke Daly say he is blessed to have such an appreciation.

Finn’s Dad, Kevin said, “I think it’s the movement.”  His Mom, Brooke, added, “If it’s moving, if the wind is blowing, he would sit there for an hour and just watch the flag go back and forth, which is kind of the beauty of Finn, too.”

Today’s society has idiots who desecrate the symbol of our Freedom all over the country.  Football players who take a knee during our National Anthem while the American flag is waving, soccer players who drop it on the ground like it is nothing, people who go so far as to walk on it and even burn it really do not understand the meaning behind what this flag means to us.  People take America and our flag for granted.  But not this young lad.  He has found happiness in the simplest form in the sight of America’s greatest symbol.  But his parents say it is not just their flag hanging over their front door Finn stares at for hours.

Kevin stated, “We’re fortunate we have a lot of flags in the neighborhood, so it creates for very long and slow walks.”  Many would say it brings a new meaning to “stopping and smelling the roses” in its most innocent form.  But the story of this little tike does not end with the family’s walk.

One day the family took one of their “long walks” and found what they call Finn’s “Flag de resistance.”  It is a huge American flag hanging from an upright tree branch that everyone says is beautiful and strategically placed.  The flag hangs right over the sidewalk where the family walk and Finn became mesmerized instantly.

The tree and the flag are in front of a man’s home, who became close friends to the family and decided to give Finn a huge surprise one day.  Todd Disque, the homeowner, told CBS News, “The boy would just sit there, transfixed by the flag.  I was like, God bless America. This kid wants to look at my flag, then I’m all for it.”

Todd would gaze out his window at how fascinated Finn was every day, and if he could set camp at that same spot and live there on the sidewalk, he would.  Todd wanted to do something for the little fellow and went to work in his shop.  He grabbed some boards and cut the right length, put them together, and left his present right under the tree for the Daly family to find.  Under the flag, there stood a small portable bench with “Finn’s Bench” engraved by a wood burner.  The little patriot had his very own spot where he could admire the beauty of what he loved most.  The American Flag.

Upon the family finding the small but awesome gift for Finn, his mother Brooke began crying and said, “I’m crying and my daughter Rose is saying, ‘Don’t cry mom, it’s OK, this is exciting.’ Just a little overwhelming, but in a good way.”

To see Finn sit on his bench gazing up at the American Flag, it would remind someone of a Norman Rockwell painting.  Seeing the scene could imprint in one’s mind, the picture of innocence and patriotism at its finest.  It would capture a true American moment with compassion, strength, and simplicity from the heart of a child and all brought together by a man who just wanted to do something kind for the family.

Brooke added in conclusion to the CBS interview from the “On the Road” segment, “It’s such a small gesture, but things like this really restore your faith in humanity. Like, there’s still good people out there that want to do kind things for no other reason than just to be kind.”

This story really brings out what it means to be a true American.  With all the bad news the media crams down our throats on a day to day basis, it is really nice to hear, the “kind” side of America.

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