Ocasio-Cortez Crying About Another Picture

Fake news is being reported again and Ocasio-Cortez is crying like a baby. Ocasio-Cortez is up in arms over a picture of her as a cardboard cutout being choked and kissed by teenage boys. Cortez took to the media to blame Mitch McConnell for employing such people and condoning this kind of violent behavior. Ocasio-Cortez is always looking for something to complain and cry about because that is all she can do. She is the baby in the House and is tired of being made fun of.

Mitch McConnell’s campaign manager posted a response that said: “boys will be boys.” Meaning there is nothing anyone can do to control the behavior of the general young public. Cortez is trying to make a political point out of something that has nothing to do with politics.

Cortez is trying to push a law through that would block violence against women. And she sees this a mockery of that agenda. One can only wonder if she had been outraged if it was a group of women performing the same actions towards a male politician. The bill that she is pushing keeps certain people from being able to own any kind of weapons because she believes that the person will just use it against a woman in someplace.

Careless Ocasio-Cortez is on a mission to punish Mitch McConnell and the young men for the picture. For some strange reason, Cortez is hunting down every person that makes fun of her. She in a way has become the violent act that she stands against. It all started with the Mini AOC girl that was making videos of Cortez for fun. Later the family was threatened with death threats and violence from a member of the AOC. And of course, Cortez remained silent. But when a picture of violence comes against her she wants blood and justice immediately. Cortez is the biggest cry baby the House has ever seen.

The young men are seen in the photo wearing Team Mitch shirts. For some reason, Cortez believes that they are working for McConnell. She did not check her facts before resorting to blame and crying. It is proven now that the boys do not and have never worked for Team Mitch. The sassy media outlets failed as well to check the truth and report the facts as they too stated the young men worked for McConnell. Cortez took the moment to post her high school drama tweets about the incident as if to stir up locker room support for her petty fight.

Mitch McConnell has better things to do than to play with Cortez in the school playground. This is one reason why the “Boys will be boys” response was given. McConnell saw the picture for what it was. It was just a bunch of boys acting like boys. No harm would have come from the picture. But Cortez is a baby and wants them all punished for making fun of her. If anyone deserves to be punished is Cortez because of her double standard on violence. She is quick to give it but never can receive it.

McConnell’s campaign manager has had to state that their actions are not condoned by Mitch. He went to say “These young men are not campaign staff, they’re high schoolers and it’s incredible that the national media has sought to once again paint a target on their backs rather than report real, and significant news in our country.” The media has failed once again to report on the more important matters. The news media could report on the successes that Trump is having for the country, but they hate Trump. They could report on the good that is happening in people’s lives, but they hate everything good that is going on.

Cortez is just mad because McConnell will not bring her bill to a vote in the Senate. She is hurt and now she is acting like a spoiled cry baby over the issue. Cortez needs to start acting like an adult and stop acting like a spoiled brat in the House. She is just months away from being sent back home as a losing candidate.

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