Gang Member Attacks and Then Is Arrested

There is no doubt that gang members are a major problem for people living in the United States. President Trump has labeled several gangs as a public menace and problem for the country. Many of the gang members are people that have crossed over into the United States illegally posing as asylum seekers or using children to pave their way to a criminal future. Police have arrested a known gang member that was out running the streets for stabbing and robbing people in Southern California.

This is a person that should be in prison. But he is a fine example of the type of people that are pouring over the border into American communities. This sad excuse for a human being walked right out of the business like it was no big deal that he just about killed people and took things that did not belong to him. He was even in possession of a gun that belonged to a security guard. Had not the heroes of law enforcement caught him he could have harmed many more innocent people.

The gun he had was removed from the security guard that he had just killed. He had no problem taking the life of an innocent person. With no regard for the safety and life of other people, he is a threat to every person he comes around. The deeds of violence that he did were a random outburst of hatred and anger. This was a person that should have been locked away for the betterment of the country and the safety of people.

The heroes of the law enforcement agencies that took him into custody stated that his criminal reign took place over many businesses and people. He was a person that had no regard for race or status when he started killing people. This is exactly the kind of people that are trying to pour over the borders from Mexico. These are people that have loyalties or cares for the people of the United States. They are here for their selfish desires.

The freaky Democrats are of the same caliber of people. They do not care about Americans, and they certainly do not care what happens to people in general. All they care about is making money and keeping their way of life open for themselves. Like the Democrats, this person needs to be in prison for illegal activity. This rotten gang member should never have been up for early release under current laws.

The bill in question keeps people from being held accountable for the crimes they have committed. This only emboldens known criminals to continue the life that they know and hold dear. Castaneda has a known record that includes child abuse, battery, car theft, and drug offenses. He is a person that does nothing legally. He is only interested in what he can take from innocent people. The devious Democrats are no better as they seek people that they can exploit and control.

In many cases of vandalism and abuse, this gang member pleads not guilty. He is a person that cannot accept responsibility for his actions. He blames others for his actions and seeks to harm those that stand in his way of doing what he wants and how he wants to do those things. When confronted with people in his way he has no problem stabbing or killing people in his way to get what he wants.

This is exactly the type of people that the president has been warning the nation about that is coming up from the south. They have no problem killing and murdering innocent people most horrifically. All they care about is their selfish ambitions and what they can take from others. They view land and homes in their territory as things that they can consume. They do not care about who owns them or what kind of people live there. They simply will murder and harm people in their way. The President of the United States will continue to engage and take down gang members all over the nation to make the country safe for law-abiding people.

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