Trump Touts New Pennsylvania Plastics Plant as a Job Creator

Recently, President Donald Trump journeyed to a new petrochemical plant now under construction in Western Pennsylvania. The plant is designed to create plastic pellets from ethane, a byproduct of natural gas. The plastics plant is going to create about 600 permanent jobs, which would not only benefit the people of the area but also the president’s chances of winning the state again in the 2020 presidential election. The plant will also provide a market for Pennsylvania’s abundant natural gas deposits, accessed by fracking.

Naturally, environmentalists are appalled. Not only will the plant contribute to greenhouse gasses, which they say is causing damaging climate change, but also to plastic pollution, now choking the world’s oceans. However, according to a surprisingly balanced article on the plant in the New York Times, the matter is not that simple.

Spokespeople for Shell, the company that is going to operate the plastic plant, point out that plastic is used to create lighter parts for aircraft and automobiles, making them lighter and more fuel-efficient. Making vehicles more fuel-efficient will, in turn, cause them to emit less pollution, including greenhouse gasses. A scientific study of the phenomenon might suggest that more plastic parts in automobiles and aircraft might more than balance out the carbon dioxide that will be emitted by the plant.

Environmentalists, on the other hand, claim that the plant is making natural gas fracking more viable, thus delaying the production of renewable energy technology. However, the use of natural gas instead of coal has caused the carbon footprint on the United States to decline compared to the rest of the world. Carbon capture plants such as the one being tested in La Porte, Texas promises to make natural gas and perhaps even gasified coal into carbon-neutral technology.

Plastic pollution of the oceans is a much more vexing problem. However, much of the phenomenon is taking place in the Asian part of the Pacific Rim, where countries such as China and Vietnam have been quite careless about dumping used plastic into the ocean.

The United States has developed an extensive plastic collection infrastructure, where used products are collected and sent to recycling plants. The problem has been developing markets for recycled plastic, not in the production of the original product, something environmentalists tend to forget.

Environmentalists have also been impeding the construction of pipelines that would take ethane from the fracking fields to plants such as the one being built in Pennsylvania. They tout safety but fail to note that transporting the product by train or tanker trucks is even less safe. The suspicion is that these activists are more concerned about ending the fossil fuel industry and, by extension, every other industry that depends on it by fiat.

President Trump is not having any of it. He noted that the problem of plastics polluting the oceans comes from outside America, according to Fox News. He was more concerned with promoting jobs and economic development in a part of the country that, despite the fracking boom, has lacked both in recent years.

“The region’s natural gas deposits had been seen, for a time, as its new road to prosperity, with drilling in the Marcellus Shale reservoir transforming Pennsylvania into the nation’s No. 2 natural gas state. But drops in the price of oil and gas caused the initial jobs boom from fracking to fizzle, leading companies like Shell to turn instead to plastics and so-called cracker plants — named after the process in which molecules are broken down at high heat, turning fracked ethane gas into one of the precursors for plastic.”

Trump’s visit was touted as an official White House occasion. However, he did not avoid the opportunity to lay into some of his Democratic opponents, such as former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, both of whom not only want to take Pennsylvania away from the president in 2020 but who has also vowed to end the fossil fuel industry. “What a group. Pocahontas and Sleepy Joe. I don’t think they give a damn about western Pennsylvania,” he said.

The president thus revealed his strategy for holding onto and perhaps expanding the number of rust belt states he carried in 2016. His opponents don’t care about working-class Americans whom Hillary Clinton called “deplorables” and Barack Obama accused of “bitterly clinging to their God and their guns.” Trump is presenting himself as the champion of working people, the creator of jobs and economic growth. The political strategy, according to some analysts, could be a potent one.

54 thoughts on “Trump Touts New Pennsylvania Plastics Plant as a Job Creator”

  1. Yeah! Someone cares about our elections that have been allowed to have voter fraud.Ask the democrats they know.Thank God for Trump!

  2. Why would anyone with a mind and any common sense at all not get the facts first and then form an opinion or truly believe that the current so-called Democratic Party is anything at all resembling that political party two generations past; not be flabbergasted with that same political party being unable to accept “DEFEAT and FACE THE FACTS” concerning the fabricated “Witch Hunt” so-called Mueller Report (brother did Mueller blow it at his Congressional Hearings/testimony) perpetrated by that same political party. Then, that same political party continues to spend Congressional time and our tax dollars on frivolous and unnecessary vindictive actions; serving ridiculous subpoenas, filing baseless law suits and publicly making false accusations against a President that has done nothing but good for our forefather’s heritage based America. The so-called Democrat’s motives are clearly transparent and they are unbelievably stupid as to beleive what they are doing is in the best interest of the citizens of the USA, how ignorant can one be? Oh I know, the people that make this ridiculous statement, “well, I know it is being revealed 24/7 that our 8 years with Obama were not so prosperous for America and allot of missteps were made but I am still in the Obama camp” why, because unfortunately they are that stupid! Obama will go down in history, once a non-partisan author writes a book on “The Time and Trials of the Obama Era” as the by-far, worst President in our history and oh brother will it be damning! No other President has stated, (from behind a podium while addressing America) “America is no longer a Christian Nation” while claiming to be Christian (which anyone who knows his history) was a lie in and of itself. He is a Muslim and his deliberate anti-American actions while President would render any other person with the title/label of TRAITOR!

  3. The Castro brothers are a perfect example of the treachery of these left wing LUNATICS in the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. VOTE THEM ALL OUT.

  4. Hemp can be used to make plastic and wonderful fabric ( we pay a nice price for hemp clothing- ) Why not switch over from petroleum based plastics to hemp?

  5. Is the democratic party the real polluters?
    All the good that President Trump has done
    is truly being ignored by the left.
    I’ve noticed a comeback, there’s just more people out and about. People smiling
    more than ever.
    The only issues the democratic party have achieved is a blank spot in our hearts, and it’s not supposed to be there.

  6. I personally do not understand why IDs have not been required for voting the only reason you would not require IDs for voting is to have illegal votes and keep destroying what our country stands for Democratic Socialist idiots will never stop until they destroy their self

  7. We need mandatory I D verification at the voting booths !!! We need closed boarders and vetting of immigrants at the boarders!! This is just for starters!!!

  8. I cannot in all honesty even think of voteing for trump again because he is doing somethings not good if there ia a election iwill not vote for trump should ther be a election before the return of the lord

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