Donald Trump Jr.’s Trolling, The Next Generation

Republicans are embracing the famous son of the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump Jr.  Whoever cannot get enough of the president, Junior is always there to pull through for conservatives.  Donald Trump Junior is the top person for the Trump 2020 campaign, and he is rallying up fundraisers and events for Senate Republicans over the next several months who are up for reelection.  Senators Lindsey Graham, John Cornyn, Steve Daines, and Thom Tillis are some of the fiercest defenders of the Trump family and administration who are running for reelection.

Senator Cornyn stated, “Everyone knows he is the president’s son.  All the Trump voters would be pretty fired up. I guess all the Never Trump people would be pretty mad, but that’s kind of where we are.”

Trump Jr. hosted 70 events in the 2018 midterms over six months campaigning for Republicans.  So Junior is no stranger to the campaign trail for the Republican party.  They say whatever the parents can do, others hope their children surpass the parents in doing good.  Donald Trump Jr. seems to have what it takes to surpass his father when it comes to being at more than one place in a short amount of time.  He is a real go-getter and definitely has the Trump blood running through him.  Republican candidates see the closeness of Trump Jr. to the MAGA crowds and claim it a huge asset in their campaigns.

Trump Jr. also, like his father, can surpass him on Twitter.  Many find this invigorating and humorous at the same time because he puts the Left in their place, and he is not afraid to speak the truth.

Matt Mackowiak offers consulting to Republican campaigns and is the president of the Potomac Strategy Group.  He described Trump Jr. as the modern style of his father when it comes to campaigning.  He stated, “He loves responding, you might want to even say trolling on a more active basis.  Because he’s more current, he can use modern-day tactics, understands how to make a sharp argument, understands how to sort of cheekily criticize someone, sort of demonstrate a clever but cutting approach. In a way, it’s almost like he’s a next-generation model.”  Another source close to Trump Jr. stated, “I think he goes a little bit edgier than his father does.”

No matter how sharp the tweets are Republicans love him and are very grateful for his help.  Senator Graham stated, “He brings a lot of energy, he’s out there fighting for his father and his agenda. I think he’d be very helpful to a lot of us.  He’s coming down to South Carolina and will do a fundraiser for me, it’s all good.”

Trump Jr. campaigned for Senator Kevin Cramer in the last election and praised him by saying, “He has a willingness to stop and take all the selfies that he can take and move quickly to the next thing and not squander time.”  Cramer added, “He is actually masterful at capitalizing on selfies.”

On August 28 Trump Jr. is campaigning for three Republican Representatives and for Governor Matt Bevin of Kentucky on the 29th, who is running for reelection this November.  Throughout all of the Republican candidates running and up for reelection, he is still on the non-stop campaign trail for his father President Donald Trump to get reelected in the 2020 Presidential Election.  He partnered up with a former Fox News host, Kimberly Guilfoyle and raised over $2.5 million in just two days of fundraising for his father’s campaign.  Trump Jr. also has a fundraiser scheduled for Senator Daines coming up soon in which Daines stated, “He’s a good friend and he is so warmly received by Montanans.  He spends a lot of time in the outdoors. He has a passion for the outdoors like so many Montanans have, so he understands our way of life and we’re looking forward to having him out there.”

There is only Senator Susan Collins, a Republican from Maine who has not made a decision if she will utilize Trump Jr.’s help in her campaign for reelection.  When she was asked by reporters, she responded, “That’s a very premature question because I haven’t made my own decision yet.”

Senator Cramer stated Trump Jr. can have his own political future one day.  He said, “I think if anybody has it in him.  It’s impossible to look at him and not envision a possible candidate someday.”

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