Trump Removes Bible from List of Tariff Items

What the maniac media want people to believe about China is that they are winning the tariff war and the United States is beginning to suffer. The truth is just the opposite. The United States is seeing growth in the economy and China is now at a 27-year low with growth in their economy. This means that China will be looking to make a trade deal soon. One industry that was set be hit hard was the sale of Bibles.

China has long been in favor of abolishing the Bible from their lands. But they have been unable to do so because the Christian faith is too strong within their borders. Ironically, nearly 75 percent of Bibles are printed in China, but they do not allow their people to read the Bible because they fear that they will lose control of the people since their government is anti-Christian.

President Trump knows the struggles of the Chinese Christians under communist rule. So to keep Bibles affordable for distribution to other countries the president has exempted the Bible and other literature from the “Bible tax.” The tariff would have raised the price of Bibles by 10 percent. This means that there would be fewer Bibles being printed and bought and then ultimately distributed. China may keep the Bible from its people but once they are shipped they find their way back into the hands of the Chinese people.

The increase of tariffs is set to start on September 1st. Then the final increase will happen on December 15th. This has been made known by the United States Trade Representative this past week. China is a land that hates Christianity. It is a religion that stands against communism and the horrible environment that it creates. The Bible provides people the basis for moral living. Moral living is something that communist China does not want because they want to program their people to love communism and force them to worship their dictator.

Bibles should be free to all people or at least free from taxation. Russell Moore who is the president of the SBC Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission has stated, “Whatever one thinks about trade policy, the Bible should never have been a subject of this sort of taxation.” And Bill Mandrell who is the President and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources has echoed the same sentiments. He was concerned and so was the rest of the Christian community that Bibles would soon come under heavy taxation.

President Trump is a practice, Christian. He believes that the Bible is the Word of God and it should be made available for everyone. It should be made available at an affordable cost. He also knows that it can bring a lot of good to the people that read it every day. President Trump would never let the Bible come under such scrutiny.

The Christian community has been watching these events unfold with a close eye. When the issue of taxing the Bible was found it was immediately brought to the attention the President and the White House. Mandrell also stated regarding the exemption that it “has given us hope that the administration has heard our concern. Nevertheless, I am troubled that the Word of God would ever be taken a hostage in an international trade dispute.” The intention of the trade dispute was never over the Bible. It happened to be on the list that was to come under the increased tariffs.

President Trump has proven that he listens to the people of the United States. When it was brought to his attention that the Bible was going to be taxed he immediately took it off the list. The Democrats are not so open to the faith-based community. They stand against the people of faith and would rather see the nation operated like China. They would like to see the freedom of religion stripped from people of faith and forced to worship the devilish Democrats. The President and the Republican Party are for the freedom of religion as they repeatedly stand up for their freedoms.

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